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Gaming/War Stories/Ambush On The East Road

Edit this page (last edited July 24, 2006)

Ambush On the East Road

Battle Report

Turn 1

Gildor was walking silently down the East Road when the hills to the south became covered with orcs. Arrows flew, and an Elf behind Gildor fell to the ground. The rest of the Elves quickly ran to the other side of the road, and the orcs shot once more, but failed to hit the quick moving Elves. Two Elves returned fire, but were too pre-occupied with running than with shooting accurately.

Turn 2

The Orcs shouted their war cries and charged down the side of the hill. The Elves sprinted down the road, with the archers hanging back in order to gain time for their comrades. They managed to bring a howling orc.

Turn 3

The orcs surged forward, angered by the death of their fallen friend (if orcs have friends). They left no Elf unchallenged. In the ensuing combat, both sides lost one warrior.

Turn 4

A lone Elf seized his opportunity and ran off down the road to safety. His companions ran as well as they could after him, but could not make it to safety. Gildor attacks the enemy captain, but fails to find a gap in his armour. Again, the two enemy forces lose one of their warriors to the foe.

Turn 5

Before the Elves could recover, the Orcs regrouped and rushed forward. The last Elf archer perished, leaving Gildor to face 10 orcs alone.

Turn 6

With only one option left, Gildor courageously charges into the waiting Orcs, and by some magic manages to hold off five orcs and then kill the Orc captain.

Turn 7

Weaving his way through stunned Orcs, Gildor almost reaches safety. The Orcs scramble after him, but he cuts down two more.

Turn 8

The Orcs spring forward, desperately trying to prevent Gildor from leaving Middle Earth alive. One orc manages to grab Gildor, but the Elven hero dashes away and escapes the clutches of the orc horde.



Nathan Kramer (Forces of Darkness)

Well, what can I say? I tried. Although I did get a great picture in the end, my game plan was wrong. I should have started on the corner closer to the end. Also, I should have set up a screen to stop the Elves. I was disappointed with the performance of my captain as he only managed 1 Kill.

Nigel Wakeley (The Free Peoples)

aka Ranger

Especially Gildor, my captain. He bagged 3 orcs and the captain! However, I was pretty disappointed with my archers who only killed once. They proved to be better in combat than with the bow! But well done to Nathan, whose dice rolling let him down. I would like to play this scenario with more models, and create a screen defence to allow my archers to run freely behind a wall of swordsmen to safety. All in all, a great game.


Sorry about the lack of pictures - I took some while the game was in progress but due to my really bad digital camera program, the pictures are too big to be placed here. Anyhow, I can't get an image onto a wiki page anyway. If anyone has a suitable picture of Elves or Orcs, please put it in an appropriate spot. And how do you make it so the text fits nicely in the page??

Correct, due to bandwidth and webspace, I'm not allowing uploads of pictures directly on this website ('cept my own pornographic sex pics, of course ;)). There are a bunch of different ways though to get an image onto a website. There are various free sites, like Yahoo and MSN, that allow you to open up gallaries. Throw the picture there and then just link it here.

As for the text fitting nicely, I'm not sure what you mean. In two columns? That's only for the <Character> macro, a very specialized macro I created to allow for "pretty" listings of character stats. Otherwise, everything looks good. You might want to include the <TableOfContents> macro at the top of the page, will have links to each header.

-Shnar Gru
Whoever edited this're hilarious. And you can't spell frustration. Which frustrates me.

Not bad! by the way i need help starting a gallery


You should add the scenario so we know what the objectives were.

Wise Wanderer

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