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Gaming/War Stories/Assault

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The forces of Mordor were few, the second assault on Cair Andros had ended, Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul, castellan of the Tower of Sorcery was ready to march south to link his Hosts of the Morannon with the Hordes of Minas Morgul. Yet A new darkness had arrived, from the east came two figures leading a hosts of Uruk-Hai, they were fresh, fearsome and chanting the warcry of Isengard. Saruman and Lurtz led the hosts, they had escaped their doom in Orthanc and now, by a dark iniquity, had come upon their allies. The meeting was a tenebrous revellry, like a ritual of shadows, the foul orcs of Sauron cheering and sneering, the overbearing Uruks canting and stamping, Saruman spoke thus to Gothmog: 'Long have we been marching southward unto the Great Lord of Middle Earth and his dominion, en route, we came across the fortress which lies upon the crags of Minrimmon, a perfect position to seize whilst we are out of knowledge. And after the victory, I shall pass into the north, and there, rule the Shire, a land perfect for the fires of industry.' Gothmog smiled and a grunt was emitted simultaneously, he ran his gauntlet over his Warg's head and his growled with delight. 'We march to Minrimmon,' he laughed. 'And then to the Rammas!' A bellow of cheers ignited, the combustion of terror and triumph.

The hosts of Isengard and Mordor moved swiftly, Gothmog felt reluctant every so often, if this gambit failed, the strategy may well collapse under his grasp, and the Rammas would hold out, Faramir and Damrod would prove obstinate. Nevertheless, Saruman, Lurtz and Gothmog arrived in the late morning, the sun was veiled in what seemed to be smoke, yet it was far thicker and and far sinister than any smoke Men had seen. The defenders of Minrimmon saw the Hosts arrive from the east and prepared the stout defences of their stronghold. As Mordor approached, they were unaware of what lay behind the stubborn walls upon the crags, Gandalf the White had lodged in Minrimmon for a night, visiting the beacons along the White Mountains. Aragorn, King of Gondor was with him, for they had spoke much of the movements of the enemy the previous evening. Boromir, Captain of Gondor , son of Denethor who had survived the first assault on Osgiliath had been sent to Minrimmon on Denethor's orders. Legolas and Gimil had shared a steed and they followed Aragorn to Minrimmon. In the morrow, they would meet with the Army of the Dead and march to Minas Tirith through the mountains.

In the early afternoon, the Siege begun, and from the east rode a black shadow, solitary and malignat beyond parallel. A Ringwraith rode swiftly and spoke softly to Gothmog, he heard that the forces of Morgul were marching to the Rammas. Gothmog became anxious. Mordor Orcs marched to the western wing of the stronghold's walls, a colossal siege tower moved slowly to the eastern wall and Saruman and Lurtz led the Uruks toward the Gate, fearless and determined. Gothmog had with him his most cherished weapon, a towering Troll Chieftain who was the most intelligent of its breed, it ran toward the gate at Gothmog's orders. Boromir climbed the tower nearest the gate and ordered his men to volley, for Saruman's Uruks were out of range. The volley proved successful, with the might of Boromir raising accuracy, three Uruks were slung to the ground under a rain of Gondorian and Elven shafts. High Elves had marched days earlier to Minrimmon en route to Minas Tirith, yet the assault had now delayed them. Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli now mustered the small battalion of Rohirrim which were apart of the garrison, they waited in the streets silently. The thundering sound of the Troll pounding the gate struck terror into the defenders of Minrimmon, yet they were unstirred. Boromir ordered his troops to fire directly at the Troll Chieftain, who darted away from the cloud of arrows nd those that did hit him were hurled off his heavy armour.The Mordor Orcs raised their ladders yet all were knocked down again. The Troll now threw open the gate and in poured the Uruks charging into the streets. The outer towers were abandoned, and the archers moved into the inner walls. The western wall was overrun with Mordor Orcs, and Gashthrak, Second Captain of Cirith Ungol moved upon the walls and ordered the men down into the streets. Aragorn saw his chance and along with Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli and the battalion of Rohirrim charged the Uruks smashing their frontline asunder. Gandalf blasted the enemy with his magic and immobilised Lurtz who suffered a strike upon the leg. Yet he moved quickly, slaying two horsemen soon after. Saruman proved useless against Gandalf and ran out of the gate cowering behind a boulder for the remainder of the battle. Gothmog rode to the gate and entered and to his delight now looked upon his Troll Chieftain crunching the bones of horses in his hands. Gandalf immobilized the Troll quickly and hurried the defenders back behind the inner wall retreating though the second gate. In a short while the second gate slammed shut barring the enemy to the outer suburbs as the pillaged and raped the beautiful edifices of Minrimmon. The Troll was put to work slamming, crunching and smashing the second gate, Gothmog smiled, with his idiosyncratic grunt: 'Fear, the city is rank with it!' he laughed and thought such a saying would bring him good luck in the future, decided to use it thereafter. Yet from the battlements upon the inner walls sprung the Elven archers and the longbowmen of Gondor who showered their foes without mercy, killing innumerable amounts. The troll was struck twice, Lurtz felt a sting in his back yet the ladders of Mordor were raised and Orcs poured upward over the inner walls. Within minutes the second gate was splintered and fell agape, the remaining Uruk-Hai pikemen had finished off the Rohirrim and now charged the warriors within, Gothmog met Aragorn and countered his heroic action with his Mastery of Battle proving a stalwart and deceptive foe for the King, Elessar moved swiftly and finally thrust his sword into Gothmog's shoulder leg and threw him to the ground sparing the Lieutenant's life for another day. Gothmog was hurried back to the Orc tents and bandaged, Saruman, seeing the commotion hurried behind and applied his dark healing craft to the castellan mending his leg almost fully. Yet as the Orcs began overruning the second wall, the firepower of Minrimmon had crippled, Aragor order the retreat, Gandalf cast blinding light over the defenders as they slipped away into the hidden exits behind the fortress. After a while, the stupidty of the Orcs had proved costly letting all of the Good Hero's retreat to safety, Lurtz had fallen, three arrows lay deep in his back and his neck had been broken, the fight was over, the roars of victory gave cheer to Gothmog's obsidian heart, and Saruman smiled, feeling little pity for his dead servant. Minrimmon was spared, the fortress was kept and Gashthrak set up an outpost of which he was the Captain, Gothmog waited to heal his Orcs and the following evening, marched eastward, around the White Mountains toward the Rammas.
Sweet i espically like the beginning and all of the descriptive words.

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