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LotR Wiki

Gaming/War Stories/Death Of Gondor

Edit this page (last edited July 12, 2006)

Dulhahn took his spear into hand and gripped it tightly, wrapping his hand around the shaft he lifted it into the air and called out his warcry " If it is today i die, let me bring my foe with me to the after-life!!" He looked behind him to his men through their turbans he cound see both fear and anger bestilled in their eyes. Bows were knoched and spears were raised, the Haradrim began their march down the sloping rise begging into the flanks of Gondor.

Deragoth looked up from his spot by the fire to see a volley of arrows fire into the camp ground, felling only one of his men with a cry. "Haradrim! Men of the South aproach us! Men! To Arms! To Arms!" With that he drew his his blade a grabbed a faggot from the fire (;0). He then mounted his horse and took his speed to the warning beacon. As he began to near the beacon he heard a fell cry of which dread chilled him.

Dulhahn looked towards the sky as a shadow passed over him. A Nazgul passed over his head swooping down apon the ranks of Gondor. The Men Of Minis Tirith scattered and ran in all directions screaming in fear and bestilled with horror.As he contued to run he spotted a lone rider with a flaming brand in his hand racing for the warning beacon. "Archers! Take down that rider bring him down. Fourteen archers heard the words of their captian and opened fire at the rider but alas none took thier mark on the rider, but a lucky shot took the horse out from under him. This sent the rider tumbling onto the ground.

Deragoth rose from the ground his face blodied and his sword lost to his eyes, he rose and continued towards the beacon his legs moving as fast as they could carry him. He heard a found of rushing wings and looked behind him the Fell Beast was swooping on him mouth gaping, teeth glinting and covered in saliva. He took all his courage and threw the brand in his hand down the throat of the beast it fel to the ground and stopped rolled tossing the Nasgul from his back

A fanfic. I though this section was for battle reports.

Wise Wanderer
Yeah, uh what happens next??

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Edited July 12, 2006 (diff)
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