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Gaming/War Stories/Dol Amroth Battle Company

Edit this page (last edited July 13, 2006)

My Dol Amroth Battle Company

I decided to start a battle company game with the force of Dol Amroth. Over the course of the matches i will play evil battle companies with the same sort of strength as my own. E.g. the first opponent i played was a haradrim battle company.

Dol Amroth Starting Force.
1 Knight of Dol Amroth
2 Spearmen of Minas Tirith
2 shieldsmen of minas tirith
2 bowmen of minas tirith

Game 1= Harad
First game, and my forces were completely overwelmed. Not a good omen for the future.
The battle was just a straight out fight to the death. My forces advanced, and the lucky haradrim archers struck down both my spearmen in one turn of shooting!. I was well demoralised after that. One bowman headed for the mountanous east of the battlefield, and tried to pick off at least one man of the east, but unfortunatly four haradrim closed up and jumped him, and threw his ruined body down the hill.
My final models, the knight, 2 shieldsmen and an archer managed to scale a hillock and positioned themselves on top. The haradrim managed to reach them, and after 3 close turns of fighting, my warriors were swept away after notching up only 1 measly kill amoung them, inflicted by the Swan knight. Total defeat!!!
POST BATTLE= One archer and a spearman died of their injuries. My knight however (the hero), managed to roll a 12 on his dice, getting him an extra fate point! A shieldsman missed his next game.
INFLUENCE= My influence dice got me a spearmen of Minas Tirith and a warrior of Ringlo Vale

Game 2= Mordor
I was not going into this battle with lots of hope. I was facing what some would say a harder company. I placed my hope in my men though, and they repayed me by producing victory!. We played the high ground scenario, and my forces duely closed in to take the objective. I thought it would be a repeat of last game when the orcs reached me without any casualties, and my men started to go down. I was left with only my Knight, a shieldsman and a spearman when i turned it around completely, these warriors managed together to kill 7 orcs, (4 for the knight), and that was enough to dirve the rest off and sieze victory.
POST BATTLE= A shieldsman died, but no other warriors missed their next game. One minas tirith warrior assumed the knighthood of dol amroth. My hero now has 8 experience points, and burned five to get himself an extra attack.
INFLUENCE= I bought a horse for my hero, and with the other two i rolled a 1 on one (Darn!), and the other got me a warrior of Pinneth Gelin.

Marshall Of The Mark
The Mouth Of Sauron

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Edited July 13, 2006 (diff)
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