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Gaming/War Stories/Rearguard

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Inumberable Orcs are crossing the Anduin, though Osgiliath held at first, soon the troops became outnumbered so greatly, they turned and fled to the safety of Minas Tirith. A few groups of warriors choose to stop and fight against the tides of orcs, giving the others time to retreat, this is the heroic tale of one of these groups!

I am playing this scenario against my cousin who is not a member but is helping me record details and type it up.

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    Good: 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith (2 sprues)

    Evil: 24 Orcs (2 Sprues)


    Evil: In this scenario, for a change im playing as the forces of evil. When I play as evil I ussually do so to use my trolls and during those few scenarios, ive collected quite a host of evil heroes, like ringwraiths and heroes. I feel i would ussually have a good understanding of evil, but I havent used orcs since I started Lot R with the Rotk Box set. My main tactic is to use the countless orcs rule to my advantage, I will try and split the forces of good and use the rule to graddually destroy the warriors of minas tirith.

    Good: This is written for my cousin Steve. In scenarios where I have to survive for a certain amount of turns, I would try and keep my forces away from my opponents, using the size of the board to run around until a decent amount of tuns had passed. In this game the board is only 2' by 2' so i cannot do that. Instead I feel my only chance is to use the ruins as barriers which I will defend.


    Good (Steve): The forces of good set up in a square kind of shape, like their deployment area but an extra 3 inches in. Steve intended to use the ruins to his advantage. Placing as many models as he could behind them. The bonuses from defending would help him greatly.

    Evil (me): My trrops were not deployed until my movement phase in the first turn.

    Turn 1

    Steve won priority but as my troops were not yet deployed he just used the opputunity to slightly alter his troops reinforcing any areas that he now realised were weakly defended.

    My turn! I sent the orcs on in roughly 4 groups, (all the bowmen kept together), one group deployed on each board edge. The orcs charged towards the defenders running their full move, while the archers moved at half rate, hoping their arrows would prove more effective than usual.

    Steves warriors fired quite succesfully killing 4 orcs! Never mine they'll be back next turn for revenge! The orcs failed to bring down any warriors of minas tirith. Two arrows failing to cause sufficient wounds to penertrate the thick armour of the city's defenders.

    There was no warriors in base to base contact so there will be no fight phase.
    More Coming Soon
    Please leave any comments below! The Terrain Dude
    Cant wait!

    Neix J
    i cant wait either by the way i need some help starting my page.


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