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LotR Wiki

Gaming/War Stories/So It Begins The Seige Of Osgiliath

Edit this page (last edited November 5, 2004)

So It Begins, The Siege Of Osgiliath

Battle Report


Captain Of Gondor (Good)

Boromir Captain of the White Tower, W/Horn?, Shield, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour
Faramir, W/Bow?, Armour, Hand Weapon
Warriors of Minas Tirith, 9 W/Shields? & 8 W/Spears? & Shields.
Rangers of Gondor, 9 W/ Bow, Hand Weapon, Bow & Armour.

Neix J (Evil)

Mumakil, W/ Tusk Weapons.
12 Haradrim, W/ Bows & Spears.

Turn 1

Priority: Priority Goes to Good As Usual

Movement: I was to scared to move so Neix decided not to move his men either.

Shoot Phase: In the shoot phase my Rangers fired 10 shots at the mumak hoping to score a wound. With an amazing roll only 1 shot missed this gigantic beast! And yes 1 wound was scored against the almighty Mumak! Next it was Neix Jís turn to fire with his harad. He scored 5 hits against my rangers but no wounds were scored. With no minis in combat it was time to move onto the next turn.

Turn 2

Priority: This time Neix J won Priority.

Movement: In the movement phase Neix J passed the mumakís courage test. He then decided to move his mumak towards my squad of rangers. I then moved my borormir into combat with the mumak with his womt following closely behind. I then moved my rangers out of the way of the mumak.

Shoot: Neix scored 7 hits against my Faramir but he only scored 1 wound. I then used fate and rolled a 5 bringing my wounds back to 2. I then returned fire at Neix Jís Mahud scoring 5 hits. Unfortunately (for me) no wounds.

Combat: Net it was Boromir against the Mumak. With Neix Jís pathetic roll of 1,2 & 3 and my superior roll of 2, 5 & 6 Boromir had won the combat! I rolled 3 rolls of 5 so I used 3 points of might scoring a MASSIVE 3 WOUNDS!!!

Turn 3

Priority: Priority went to Neix J AGAIN!

Movement: Neix J Passed his 3 courage tests and decided to trample my Boromir and Boromir fell under the mumaks feet but in great honour as he scored 3 wounds against the mumak! The mumak then went on to proceed against 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith and all of them also fell! This was a sad day for Gondor! Neix J then moved Harashin into combat with a womt. I moved my Faramir up 2Ē so I could charge the mumak the next turn. I then moved my remaining warriors of Minas Tirith into Harashin.

Shoot Phase: With all Neix Jís Haradrim aiming for my Faramir there was no escaping Faramir fell at the almighty rein of arrows. I then returned fire with my rangers at Mahud scoring 6 hits. Yes 1 wound was scored on Mahud. Neix J tried to recover using fate points but failed rolling two, 3ís. But Mahud then used a point of might to recover.

Combat: It was now my Remaining Warriors of Minas Tirith and Harashin Battling Out! Harashin won the fight and using a point of might killed 2 womt.

Turn 4

Priority: I finally won priority!

Movement: Neix J declared a Heroic Movement. He then decided to charge at my rangers of Gondor. He then trampled everyone of my rangers. It looked like I had lost. I then moved my womt into combat with Harashin and ended my turn.

Shoot: No shooting.

Combat: My 3 Warriors of Minas Tirith beat Harashin in combat now to wound. I wounded him 2 times but he used fate and rolled 2 sixes!

Turn 5

Priority: I won priority!

Movement: I again moved my womt into combat with Harashin and ended my move. Neix J then moved his Mumak towards my remaining womt. He then trampled 1 womt.

Combat: In combat neixes mumak won against my womt and then killed him only 1 warrior of Minas Tirith remained! Harashin then won combat against the womt but failed to wound.

Turn 6

Priority: Priority went to Neix J.

Movement: Well as usual Neix J went in and trampled my last remainig womt, Osgiliath had been overrun!

Captain Of Gondorís Comments

Hear a Haradrim Horn Call

Woo-hoo! Great game. Quick games a good game, I never say cause thats not true, but this was a good one anyway. I didnt expect to do so well! When Boromir made those wounds against My Mumak I was worried... but Trample works so well! I cant beleive in all the game I just lost 4 wounds on my Mumak and now Fatalities! W00t! Capn was a good opponent (as usual) and we had a fun, fun game.

The End!!!


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Edited November 5, 2004 (diff)
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