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Gaming/War Stories/The Assassination

Edit this page (last edited November 7, 2004)


This was a random battle i had with my friend we played the scenario "a blade in the night" This scenario is in the Bopf Supplement and is a very good one to play.


evil Muhadman


Good My friend (mark)

Imrahil 12 Womt w hand weapons and shields 4 Womt w Spears and shields 4 Womt w bows 4 Skoda w shields and hand weapons

Starting positions

Mark placed his sentries first 4 w spear 4 w shield 1 on each corner and 1 between each corner The rest where placed in the tents

Turn 1

Priority (pri)

Sorry we didnít get to start it cas he had to go but we will finish it soon

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Edited November 7, 2004 (diff)
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