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Gaming/War Stories/The Old Forest

Edit this page (last edited January 28, 2006)

The Old forest

A battle report by The Terrain Dude! Im not quite sure i put this in the right section, but here is my battle report for when i played the Old Forest scenario off TLA.

  • The Old forest
  • Introduction
  • Turn 1
  • Turn 2
  • Turn 3
  • Turn 4
  • Turn 5
  • Turn 6
  • Conclusion
  • Tactics
  • Comments
  • Introduction

    After re-reading the fellowship of the ring, i was desperate to find some scenarios involving just the hobbits. Then on TLA i found a great scenario fot The Old Forest and here is how it went. Just to note i gave Old Man Willow 3 points of will per turn and the hobbits had rotk stats.

    Turn 1

    In turn 1 the willow man got priority but was too far away to cast any spells directly on the hobbits, so moved 6 inches directly towards them. Then using his last point of will to cast Shift paths, he rolled a 6 and it was cast. Moving the trees and bushes towards the hobbits making sure they could only move towards him. The hobbits could only move 4 inches towards Old Man Willow hoping to change direction when they could.

    Turn 2

    The hobbits got priority and turned right escaping from the trees. Old man willow moved 6 inches towards them, again he successfully cast Shift Paths.

    Turn 3

    Turn 3 and evil got priority but frodo used a point of might to call a heroic movement, they moved 4 inches making sure they kept away from old man willow. Evil then used 2 points of will to head towards the hobbits and was now close enough to cast a direct spell. Sleep song was used and old man willow rolled a 5 casting it. Merry used his only point of will to resist but rolled a 1! Resitance to magic was used and he rolled a 3. Merry fell to sleep!

    Turn 4

    Evil got pooprity, and used 1 point of will to do shift paths, rolling a 6 and succesfully casting it, old man willow then moved into combat with sam. Pippin used his move to wake merry, by moving into base to base contact with him, Merry then went on trying to get to the otherside to secure a draw. Frodo went to help sam in the combat. In combat the dice were rolled and old man willow got a 5, frodo a 2, sam a 3. Sam had 2 might but it was pointless using them as he had a lower fight value than old man willow. Frodo had 3 might but as he had no visible weapon he got -1 to his roll, neither could beat or draw with old man willow so they were both captured for the remainder of the game. Unlike most games, it did not end because if one hobbit got off the board it would count as if he had got help from Tom Bombadil.

    Turn 5

    Good got priority, merry continued to run to the otherside of the board but found he had to turn right to move past some trees, thus getting no further towards the other edge of the board. Pippin was moved away from old man willow trying to catch up with Merry. Old man willow moved 6 inches towards them but failed to cast shift paths.

    Turn 6

    Evil did not want priority and charged pippin. Merry continued to run. In combat pippin got a 4 which he used his might to boost to 5 so beating old man willows roll of a 4. next turn, evil got priority and used a sleep spell on merry who was just in range, he rolled a 5 and mery had no will to resist fell asleep. Old man willow charged Pippin and beat him in batlle with a 4 compared to Pippins 2. Pippin was now traped inside and Merry was asleep! evil had won.


    In the next two turns I, The Terrain Dude took great pride in capturing merry, all the hobbits were now trapped! I wonder if this had happened in the books, whether tom Bombadil would find them or not or maybe Gandalf would? Or would something more evil get to them First?!?!


    Bad found that directing spells at merry and pippin with the lowest or no will, depending on what stats you are using, these can resist them once then they cant anymore. While doing this try to engage in hand to hand combat (or should i say hand to tree combat) Get one hobbit and you at least will get a draw.

    Good have to just run avoiding old man willow and hoping not to get stuck between him and a group of tree!


    Please leave your comments below! The Terrain Dude
    wats TLA caus i want to see the senarios -MACE

    TLA stands for The Last Alliance, its a bit like this website but with more things and members. + you have to submit well typed up articles which you submit to them. Here is a link hope it works.

    Heres a link to the exact page;

    -The Terrain Dude
    Excellent! *claps* Take that Nasty Hobbitses! They stolesit from us! It wouldn't sy what it had in its pocketses, would it precious, no, it wouldn't precious...

    Neix J (Or is it Gollum?)

    Some jerk screwed this page up.

    Wise Wanderer

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