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Gaming/War Stories/The Ruins

Edit this page (last edited July 11, 2006)

The Battle Of The Ruins

This game was played by me(Elves) and my brother(Orc's).The object of the game was to defend or take the ruin's.

-Citadel Guard
  • The Battle Of The Ruins
  • Units
  • Special Rules
  • The Game
  • 1st+2nd turn
  • 3rd Turn
  • 4th turn
  • 5th+6th Turn
  • 7th+8th Turn
  • 9th+10th Turn
  • 11th Turn
  • 12th-21rst Turn
  • 22nd-24th Turn
  • The Final Turn
  • The Fight
  • Conclusion's
  • Comments
  • Units

    Free peoples:
    • Haldir(armour+Bow)
    • Legolas(no armour)
    • 7 High Elven Swordsmen
    • 2 High Elven Bowmen
    • 6 Wood Elf Archers with Armour

    Forces of Darkness:
    • 1 Orc Cap'n with Bow + PickAxe?
    • 15 orcs with hand weapons
    • 7 orc bowmen
    • 8 orc spearmen
    • 7 orc's with Double Handed Weapons

    Special Rules

    To the Death: The orc's and elve's will give their lives to defend or take the ruin's.So both sides don't need to take courage tests.

    The Game

    1st+2nd turn

    The orc's charge across the plains to get to the ruins while the elves use their archers as an advantage and kill 5 orcs in the first turn and 3 in the second.No elves were killed.

    3rd Turn

    Good obtain priority again and again hold their posistions in the ruins.The orc's surprisingly hold back to fire.It looked good for the Elves, but no elves hit in the shooting phase exept Legolas and Haldir for all of their shots they hit and killed killing 5 orc's in total.But when it was evil's turn to shoot, the captain of the orc's hit haldir and rolled for the kill getting two 6's, halldir uses his only fate but it fails and he perishes.

    4th turn

    This turn, evil has priority and they hold back for their last turn.In shooting phase, the orc's manage to wound legolas once but legolas expands a point of fate and succesfully regains his wound. Then the elves return their fire with legolas avenging haldir's death with 3 kills.

    5th+6th Turn

    Now the orc's charge again with a full speed, while the elves turn to defensive movements by putting swordsmen at each entrance to the ruins. The elves kill 6 more orc's, 2 elvish losses.

    7th+8th Turn

    The orc's advance up the hill to the ruin's,some fights and at the end of the turn it was 3 orc losses and 0 elvish losses.

    9th+10th Turn

    In this turn fighting broke out between the elves and the orc's. In the 9th turnThe captain fought legolas and a wood elve with a helping spearman,The fight turned out as the captain expanding 1 might to win wins,and legolas receives a wound but uses his last point of fate but it fails and legolas takes a wound.In th 10 turn, This fight is reversed and the cap'n takes a wound.In the end it is 1 elvish loss and 1 orc loss.

    11th Turn

    In the 11th turn evil gains priority and engages more fights.This turn 2 elves fell and the captain of the orc's also fell.

    12th-21rst Turn

    There are 6 orcs left on turn 12 and two perish on the 15th turn Along with 2 elves and 4 orc's on legolas killed him tooooooooo. At this point it is just fight's no the 18th Turn 4 elves perished and 1 orc perished.Now the game is tied at 3 men each.By the 21rst turn 2 more elves fall and 2 orc fall.

    22nd-24th Turn

    Now it is a wild goose chase between a lonely orc and a wood elf bowman.I've been trying to shoot my brother's orc but he hid behind a rock and I was close enough to charge him so I did...............

    The Final Turn

    This was the final fight, The orc was fighting the elven archer laying down so he would get a -1 on his die roll..............

    The Fight

    Rolling for the 'push back' roll. Orc=5 goes down to a 4

    Elve=2 goes down to a 1

    The orc rolling for the kill =5 goes down to a 4=kill



    Speaking for me:
    I wish I'd done better for fighting wise but there's alway's a next time..............

    Speaking for my Brother:
    MuhahahahaMuhahahaaha?!!I finally beat my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This page will be updated with pictures soon.


    post your comment's here.
    One question. Did the Orc captain shoot twice at Haldir or was it the captain and a normal orc? King Elessarlp
    The orc cap'n gets 2 dice because he has 2 attack's and he happned to roll two 6's. hope it answers your quest.

    -Citadel Guard

    I think you have misinterpreted the rules. Your attacks does not effect shooting, u only get one shot per turn, unless you have legolas or haldir's abilities.

    -Lord Aragorn Elessar671
    He never got two shot's,but he gets 2 dice on his only shot.I don't know if it's right and that's how my friend taught me when he started me on this, i've been play'n that way ever since.
    "Heeheemuhahamuhaaaheeheehee!!" Your bro laffs wired...

    Neix J
    There i changed it it's not so weird anymore.

    -Citadel Guard
    Phew. I was beggining to scare my self trying to mimic it.

    Neix J
    Me too

    -Citadel Guard
    Sounds like an intense battle, could use some pics and who was trying to do what?!

    -Uruk-Hai Hunter
    nice battle, by the way why does the captain have a pickaxe?

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    Edited July 11, 2006 (diff)
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