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LotR Wiki

Gaming/War Stories/The Seige Of Osgiliath

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The Siege of Osgiliath

Boromir hewed off a Haradrim Chieftain’s head and blood kept pouring out. Boromir didn't want to leave a mess so he bent over and cleaned up the bood while Faramir & his Rangers took care of an approaching black guy. “Volley!” commanded Faramir and 10 arrows were fired, with 1 finding it’s mark. The Mumakil gave out a cry and went on a stampede across the ruined city of Osgiliath crashing into a wall. The wall broke into bits of tiny rubble; the Mumak swayed sidewards and then toppled over onto the ground crushing a dozen Warriors of Minas Tirith. The Haradrim gave a cry as they fell from the Howdah onto the newly blood stained ground. Boromir ran down to the banks of Anduin. All of a sudden there was horn blow down at the followed by a piercing scream. “Boromir!” said Faramir worriedly. “He’s in trouble”. Faramir ran down to the banks hewing off a few Haradrim heads along the way.

Warriors of Minas Tirith held back the advancing orcs. A red and black tattooed orc jumped down onto a Captain of Minas Tirith. The orc teared open the captain’s armour and broke open his rib cage. The captain gave out a blood curdling scream as the orc feasted on his still warm flesh. Faramir then shot the orc down with one of his arrows. The orc gave a cry and fell to the ground. “Fall back, fall back to Minas Tirith” cried Faramir. Faramir picked up his brothers body and slid him onto his horse. Faramir then jumped up behind Boromir and grabbed on to the reins. They then fled accompanied by the survivors of the Siege. There then was a roar and Faramir looked behind him. 5 Mumak’s were quickly approaching the Survivors. All of a sudden there was a screeching noise and 8 giant eagles came down from the clouds, tearing the Howdah to shreds with there iron claws. The Haradrim fell from there howdah’s, the mumaks trampling them as they went on a rampage. The mumakil headed on towards the city of Minas Tirith, Osgiliath had been overrun!


By Captain Of Gondor



The Terrain Dude
Pretty Good =3

Neix J

Very creative!

Retarded Geek


The Mumak should eat someone - The Converter
ps. visit
Not to shabby - I would maybe put a bit more of fighting scenes in it, Neix J

I think that all of you are sick and retarded, I will not support any talk of sex in a site like this, nore the size of a males testes, therefor i think that it is terrible

Well I wont be that uptight but its pretty dumb. If you were looking for some funny stuff then you should be like.

Suddenly a bajillion balrogs attacked, faramir quickly ran to minas tirith and got the water cannon they use whenever the people riot because Denethor cremated someone who wasn't dead. The Balrogs looked just about spent as they solidified but then the ninja's attacked.

Obiwan showed up and yells, "I know Kung Fu" Then starts hitting the ninjas with a pole and its all sick. Then the ninjas started to wail on guitars and hippos showed up and they started to ride the hippos cause they're blood brothers till the end of time and space.

Before you know it there was an army of hippo riding ninjas attacking Minas Tirith. And rip Obiwan into a million peices which is cool.

But then the pirates from Umbar showed up. And the ninjas were like oh no way where fighting for mordor now. So they killed the pirates and orcs cause ninjas and pirates are blood rivals till the end of time and space.

Then the camera explodes

Then many years later Rohan attacks Gondor cause they're mad. They mount up their 10,000 horses and ride to gondor. They redy their swords, they fire their bows and throw spears, they break into full charge for a climactic fight. Then the reach the walls, stop and look strait up.

"Umm maybe we should have brought a ladder, or some ents" On of the Rohirrim says.

Then a rock hits him on the head. His horse falls over and explodes then the whole world explodes.

Wise Wanderer
This story is suck arse! Big time. But is kind of funny, not haha funny but hehe funny....u know funny.... -Elf Friend
NOT bad!


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