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Gaming/Gaming FAQ

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FAQ is completely controlled by the users. You have a question about how all this works, simply add a new section by typing in === Your Question === and it will magically appear in the list below. Just type your question in and someone will answer it sooner or later.

Note: A FAQ is designed to clarify rules, not ask for rules. Please do not ask "what are Gandalf's stats", or "what are the rules for Terrifying Creatures". All the rules are clearly printed in the rulebooks. Find the appropriate sections and read up the rules. When you have a question about how the rule works, post it on the FAQ.

  • Introduction
  • Battering Doors
  • Converted Captains
  • Can Gandalf & Sarumans Sorcerous Blast Wound People?
  • Can you Shoot People That Are In Close Combat?
  • Can Elven blades be used with bows?
  • 33% Bow Limit, Points or Models?
  • Control Zone?
  • Targets In Combat?
  • Trapped or not
  • Strength Hits?
  • Equipping?
  • Bladed Bows
  • Dices?
  • D6 Blast
  • Spells
  • Gandalf
  • Fight Value?
  • Spears as 2H Weapons?
  • Beaten Back
  • Beaten Back #2
  • Stand Fast
  • Climbing Ladders
  • Pike
  • Movement
  • Cavalry and Pikes
  • Heroic Abilities
  • Archery
  • who would win gandalf the white or balrog
  • pikes

  • Battering Doors

    Q: If you batter down a door using a ram or other means, is it gone or just opened?

    It is completely destroyed, so the passage counts as unblocked and open. You'd think there would be some rubble or something, though. There should be a house rule for that.

    Retarded Geek

    Converted Captains

    Q: Can you use converted captains in GW tournaments?

    As long as there are profiles for them in the rulebooks, then yes. If it is a made-up character, or if it violates any given profile rules, then sadly no. For example, if you have converted a model to one in the rulebook for who there is no model, then it can be used in a game.

    Retarded Geek

    Can Gandalf & Sarumans Sorcerous Blast Wound People?

    Q: Can Gandalf & Sarumans Sorcerous Blast Wound People?


    Yes it states in the rules that it deals a strength 5 hit(Sorcerous Blast) Or a strength 6 hit(Ultimate Sorcerous blast) In addition all moddles in the path of the blasted moddel take a strength 4 hit.

    Wise Wanderer

    If i'm not mistaken, it's always a strength 5 hit and additional strength 3 hits.

    Retarded Geek

    Whoops, i mean strength 6 for the initial hit of ultimate blast, but everything else that i have said is correct. (RG)

    Can you Shoot People That Are In Close Combat?

    Q: Can you Shoot People That Are In Close Combat?

    A Only if your using evil models. And you risk hitting one of your own peices. You must roll a die: 1, 2, 3=you hit your own team, 4, 5, 6=you hit the intended target.

    Can Elven blades be used with bows?

    Q: Can elven warriors use bows if they've purchased Elven blades? Most other models if they purchase a two-handed weapon, they are not allowed to also buy a bow, the logic being 2H Weapons are too big and unwielding to be used with a bow (i.e. it gets in the way).

    A A two handed weapon can be used as well as a bow but not in the same turn. Frankly I don't know why you would ever want to use a two handed weapon since they're just a waste of points that really only weakens your units.

    Wise Wanderer

    A: Yes, they can. And there are no restrictions on the elf warrior in using his Elven blade (i.e. he can use it as either 1H or 2H as normal). The logic is that Elven blades are more like 1H weapons than 2H weapons and are so expertly crafted and balanced, they can be used as 2H weapons with a couple advantages (i.e. can be used with bows).

    Wise Wanderer, two handed weapons are free.

    Retarded Geek

    They were in fellowship and two towers edition but they cost a point now in most cases.

    Wise Wanderer

    Source: Official GW Lot R web forums. Thread

    33% Bow Limit, Points or Models?

    Q: Is the 33% pt. limit on archery units in Points Match games 33% of models on the board, or 33% of points spent? For example, could you have 200 pts of Archers (about 25 models) and 400 pts of Heroes (about 5 models) in a 600 pt game? Or would you have to have 10 archery models and 20 other models, Heroes (if you can afford them) and other non-archery models?

    A: Units or Models. By the book, the split is on the models fielded in the game, not on the points spent. So it doesn't matter how many points you spend, you cannot have more than 1/3 of your models having bows. For example, a Balrog (500pts or 66% pts spent) with 40 Goblin Archers (250pts or 33% pts spent) is not allowed. You would have to have the Balrog with 22 other goblins and only 13 archers (which would be 33% of 41 models).

    A: A good trick to check whether it's 33% or not is to make one long line of every model that is going to use a bow in the game. Then, with the remaining forces, make two more long lines the same length as the length of the archers' line. If you can fit two complete lines behind it, then you have 33%

      ________________  Archers ( 33% )         This is how you should place them (left)
      ________________  Other warriors
      ________________  Other warriors

    Isn't that only if the scenario has a special rule stating that? Because you can have a battle of all riders versus all uruks, right? The good side would have all bow models, but that doesn't matter unless there is a specific rule stating that, right?

    Retarded Geek

    Control Zone?

    Q: Once I enter my opponents control zone do I have to go straight towards them or can i go around him (while in his control zone) then fight?

    A: According to the GW Admins on their webforum, once you enter a model's control zone, you can do anything you want as long as you finish the move touching the enemy model's base. This means that you can enter the zone on one side, loop around to the other side, then touch the models' base for fighting.

    I unfortunately don't have any relative links for when this was answered on the GW forums. -Shnar Gru

    Targets In Combat?

    Q: If you were trying to shoot a warrior located on the other side of multiple combat, and your shot hits the fight, so you roll a 4,5, or 6 to hit one of the two (or more) good models (you are evil), which gets hit? The instruction manual only says what happens if you hit your own side but in this case no one on the other side was the intended target.

    A: First and foremost, remember the firing model needs to have a good view of the model he's trying to shoot at. The odds are that he will not be able beyond a 3+model fight. That's not to say that it's impossible to see, just very unlikely and rare.

    Having said that, there is no official answer as of yet. I would say though that if the fight is hit, then do the 50/50 to determine which side is hit, Good or Evil. Then, if there are multiple models involved on the side that was hit, roll randomly to determine which model was hit.

    For example, in your question, if you roll a 4, 5 or 6, the Good side is hit. Now, if there are two good models in the fight, 1,2 or 3 hits the closest, 4, 5 or 6 hits the farthest. If there's three, 1 or 2 hits closest, 3 of 4 hits the next model, 5 or 6 hits the farthest, etc.

    Trapped or not

    Q: If two ranks of spearmen are fighting two ranks of spearmen, does a side count as being trapped if it loses in combat?

    A: No. The rules state that when a model needs to retreat for having lost a fight, friendly models will move out of the way to allow room for the retreating model. Thus, in the scenario described above, the spearmen would retreat with the front line. This is called "making way".

    If the friendly, "blocking" model is in a fight, however, he cannot move to "make way". This adds to the importance of Priority, making the order in which combat is fought determining whether models may be trapped or not.

    Strength Hits?

    Q: When the rules say "this model suffers a strength 3 hit", what exactly do you have to do?

    A: This means that the model is hit with an attack of strength 3. Roll a dice and cross check the results on the Wound chart against the model's Defence value to determine if he was wounded. For example, if an Uruk climbing a ladder fell off and the distance gave him a strength 3 hit, I roll against his 5 Defence, if I scored a 5 or more he would be dead.


    Q: If a warrior's profile says that I could give him a bow for 1pt, do I actually have to give him a bow or can I just take a mental note? Same with Aragorn's blade Anduril. Do I have to trade swords if I am paying for it or not?

    A: Yes and no. This is called the What You See Is What You Get, or WYSIWYG. Officially, everything in the default profile is considered to be on the model, whether it's visible or not. Anything that's optional, or anything you have to pay points for, if you buy them for the model you the model must show them.

    That's the official rule. The only time that this rule is strictly enforced is during is during a tournament. When you're playing among friends, as long as both sides agree then you don't need to have them on the model. Heck, you don't even have to use that type of model. In some games I've played, we didn't have enough Uruk-hais so we use Goblins and just had them act as our stand-in Uruks.

    If you are just playing among friends, it doesn't matter what your models look like. If you wanted to, you could play a perfect game without any models at all, and just use counters, tokens, etc. to replace them. Just so long as you know what model has what, and nothing gets mixed up, you can put any optional wargear on a model if you pay the price in points.

    Retarded Geek

    Bladed Bows

    Q: Who/Wich? race has?may take bladed bows? Me and my friends say is t looks like it has blades (such as goblin bowmen) then they gottem'

    A: All Orc Bows are bladed bows. So whoever has them in their profile can use them.


    Q: What does roll a D6 mean?

    A: It simply means, "roll a six sided dice"

    It has to say this because there is such thing as a D3, where when you roll a dice 1-2=1, 3-4=2, and 5-6= 3. This sort of dice is used in games like Warhammer, to work out say, how many wounds something causes. Rolling a dice and reading of the number it shows would just give too high a number, so a D3 is used instead. Hope I was helpful. UGLUK1000

    There are also more dice than just 6-sided dice. The normal nomaclature is xd# where "x" is the number of dice and # is the sided dice to use. For example, 2d10 mean roll 2 ten sided dice. 4d6 means 4 six sided dice. 1d20 is one 20 sided die, etc.

    D6 Blast

    Q: On the gaming aids section of this website on gandalfs sourcerous blast it says 'blast target 1d6 away. what does that mean?

    A: Roll a six sided die and move the model the result in inches away (double if you are measuring in centimeters).


    Q: Can you cast spells over friendly forces or or objects?

    A: Depends on the spell. Most spells only require LOS, so yes. Some spells though are direct, like Scorcerors Blast, which follow the same rules as arrow fire.


    Q: Have GW said anything about Gandalf's sourcerous blast when he stikes the ground with his staff(like at the bridge of kazad dum) i was thinking sumthing like - any enemy models within 12 cm take stength 2/3 hit- i think it might be something to think about

    A: Thats a wonderful statement.If you're a good boy/girl at christmas time we will think about adding it to the official rule book!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hmm Well it could be that he can direct his blast at a wall or other building to deal batter damage. It would cause extra damage due to the close contact

    Wise Wanderer

    In the FOTR rulebook, it gives rules for it in the bridge of kazad doom scenario. But, those rules aren't thourough, and you can't use it anywhere else, so it is basically pointless.

    Retarded Geek

    Fight Value?

    Q: Does fight value do anything else other than be the tiebreaker (that doesn't seem to be that important)? I don't mean the shoot value.

    A: The answer is no, but I agree, the limited use for this stat means that the grand masters: the guard of the fountain court, aren't really that good.

    A Yeah whats up with that. It should be something like you add the fight value to a moddels dice role before deciding the winner. That would make fight values actually worth points.

    Wise Wanderer


    Spears as 2H Weapons?

    Q: Are spears counted as two handed weapons? (Do they get the +1 to their wound and -1 to their fight roll?)

    A: No. If listed as optional gear, you are allowed to equip spear bearers with shields (see the High Elves as a good example). And since they are not 2H weapons, they do not get the -1 to fight / +1 to wound bonus. A Spear's bonus comes from being able to assist another friendly model in a fight.

    I really was talking about orc and goblin spears as they use both hands to wield them, do 2 handed spears count as 2H weapons?

    Why do some spears require 2 hands to hold them which makes them much more limited?

    Could I do a conversion to make the orcs spear only for 1 hand so I could have a spear and a shield?

    No thats good it actually makes use of a two handed weapon. The Front moddel fights normally so he can win the fight and the back moddel can deal that extra damage.

    For the orcs w/ two-handed spears, they are counted as having spears, not 2hnd weapons. Only the ones w/ axes have 2hnd weapons.

    Retarded Geek

    Beaten Back

    Q: When you get beaten back 1 in. from losing a fight, Do you have to move directly away from the model so you are out of his control zone or can you move in any direction as long as you move the 1 in.? (This would matter if you have your back to a cliff edge and you don't want to fall so you back up sideways.)

    A: you move towards the table edge that your forces started on , i think , well thats how we play here in Oz (i asked the Games workshop Chermside staff)


    A: well I just have them move away in the direction that they charged from. unless a different direction is the only direction they can move. I'm pretty sure you can't move them into a moddel control zone.

    Wise Wanderer

    A: Actually, if the rules don't specify, then it's any direction you can. If they can "sidestep" an inch without being blocked, then that's fine too. Can anyone else clarify this?

    -Shnar Gru

    A: I think in the rule book it states that the model moves 1 inch backwards and not in any other direction. With regards to the cliff scenario you have two choices: either fall back and fall off the cliff and suffer damage in the usual way for falling or stay where you are and count as trapped and therefore receive double damage. I hope this helps!

    FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ

    A: The way we play is that you can only move back an inch and if after moving you are still in enemy zone of control you are trapped. A handy thing I thought of for telling if your in an enemy zone of control was a peice of wire about 10 inches long on the end of this wire there is another wire exactly 1 inch long this is very important if I am not being clear tell me.

    -Hubert the Great

    So long as you're clear of all else at the end of your inch, you can do whatever you want. If you can't retreat the inch and follow the rules as to where you can be, you're trapped. Basically, if you couldn't move there, you're trapped.

    Retarded Geek

    Beaten Back #2

    Q: If you are fighting two models in front of you with your back 1/2 in. away from a wall and you lose the fight, are you trapped or do you just move the most you can towards the wall?

    A: If you cannot retreat a full inch, then yes you are trapped. Whether you have to back the model as much as you can or not I do not know. I would back it up all the way you can, then treat the model as trapped.

    -Shnar Gru

    Stand Fast

    Q: If one hero passes his 50% down courage test and another hero is within 6" then does that other hero also get affected by stand fast. If so, then could you have one hero passing a courage test then another within 6" passing then another etc. (with some normal warriors too).

    A: No. Stand Fast only works for rolls after the hero has successfully made his roll. Thus, it's very important that the player makes his rolls in the order that will most benefit himself. Remember, when you make your courage roll, if you fail you immediately retreat. If a model fails and retreats, then a hero succeeds and Stands Fast, that model couldn't do anything anyways since it's already retreated.

    -Shnar Gru

    Extra Hint: It is correct that you automatically flee if you fail, think about Beregond. A hero that always passes his courage test if his hero is still alive. A good strategy is to put Beregond within 6" of each other, and as much of your army within six inchesc of them, and you'll never run away!!!


    Neix J: Shnar Gru, I think you missed the point of this question. Its like, if a hero uses stand fast, and passes, and their is another hero in the area who now immediately passes the test, can the other hero also call a stand fast?

    For your info, Neix J, yes! I know all the rules back to front, so yes, if a hero is in a stand fast zone of another hero, he calls stand fast too.


    Climbing Ladders

    What is the max number of models that can climb onto the battlements in one turn on one ladder, is it just one? It doesn't say in BGi ME.


    A; I would say as many as possible could fit on a ladder. D.D.


    If a sword armed Uruk-hai is in combat, and is in base contact with a bowman, and that bowman is in base contact with a pike man, can the pike man support the swordsman even though the bowman is nto supporting?

    Neix J

    A: The pike man would only support the bowman that it is in base contact with (as long as the bowmen its in base contact with the enemy). Therefore you would need to move the pike man behind the sword uruk hai to support it. However it would not make much difference as both uruk have the same fight value and also strength, also an evil bowmen does not suffer a -1 penalty on determining the winner of the fight.



    Neix J

    Don't listen to that guy, Neix J. It clearly states that a pikeman can fight through 2 ranks, not just 1 like with spears. As pike can fight thru 2 ranks, he can fight thru both the bowman and the swordsman. there is absolutely no need for the bowman to fight thru as well. Thats just stupid!


    Sorry, FN, but he's right. Under weapons in the LOTR:ROTK rulebook, it says that the pikeman can only support if it's behind another spear or pike- wielding model. DragonRunner?



    I have searched the rule book yet I am unable to answer this. If two enemy models are on the field, around 10cm apart, yet at a 45 degree angle facing my model. Can I move foward 8 cm (I am not yet in their zone of control), then move 6cm at a 45 degree angle, so I slip between them? In short, can I change direction during a move?


    A: Of course, nothing wrong with changing directions. I think the only model that can't change directions is the new Mumakil, when it's charging. The only tricky thing about changing directions is measuring properly. Most of the games I play in we just do "general" measurements anyways, so it's all good.

    -Shnar Gru

    If you urgently need to measure it accurately, you can use a piece of string.

    Retarded Geek

    Cavalry and Pikes


    Do pikemen gain advantages against cavalry? In reality, of course the answer is yes, but I haven't found rule elsewhere in the LOTR ROTK rulebook.

    Lord of Utumno

    A: Yes, though the same "advantage" as they get in normal melee, i.e. they can fight through 2 other models.

    -Shnar Gru

    Hey, if you want an alternate special rule, see Gaming/House Rules/New Horse Rules for some more realistic cavalry rules which gives pikemen a big advantage against horses.

    -Retarded Geek

    Heroic Abilities


    If two heroes are within six inches of each other, and they are forced to take courage tests for fifty percent, if one hero passes, they both count as passing. What if the second hero wants to do a stand fast? does he take a new courage test, or hero's courage brush onto him.

    Ex: aragorn is within six inches of a captain of men. there are three men (regulars) within six inches of the captain, but not of fifty percent of their starting numbers, so they must take courage tests. if aragorn passes his courage, the captain can automatacly pass using aragorn's stand fast. could the captain then make the three regular men pass using a stand fast, but passing automaticaly from aragorn's, or would the captain have to take a new test?

    A This has already been answered above, but yes it does. Legolasthe Golden



    is their any rules regarding archers shooting distances? i mean, in real life if an orc was standing right in front of an elf archer he would almost certanly kill him rather than if he was 15cm away. is thier any rule that adresses this?

    A No, but it is a good point to make house rules for. There are several on this website. Just look under Gaming/House Rules. Legolasthe Golden

    who would win gandalf the white or balrog

    who would win gandalf the white or the balrog i mean they are both very strong.

    A stupid question, why do people allways say the balrog he's not unique ,just say "a balrog" the answer would be a balrog anyway; gandalf(the white or the grey)never had to fight against a 1st age balrog exept in moria ungoliant

    Either could win; LOTR is a game of luck. But in most cases 'a' balrog (or even valarauku, if you prefer) would win, because it is super resistant to magic, so Gandalf's main strength wouldn't cause it much problems, whereas Gandalf can't protect himself from 'a' balrogs main strength; combat. Legolasthe Golden


    Q Do pikes count as 2h weapons?,cant they be used as normal spears 2? ungoliant

    A No and yes. Legolasthe Golden

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