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LotR Wiki

Goblin Master

Edit this page (last edited May 18, 2006)


Hi, I'm an Australian kid who has been collecting Lo TR since febuary.


20 Uruk hai
1 Uruk Hai Captain
24 Goblins
24 Mordor Orcs
Saruman Ugluk goblin Drummers Grishnakh
32 High Elves
16 men of the 2nd age
12 men of Rohan
Aragorn the King
6 Riders of Rohan
Eomer gimli

Koo-L. , I dont play that much either (mostly because my friends dont like me beating them. Truth! Im not being full of myself). Warriors of Rohan or Riders of Rohan?

Neix J

Welcome aboard

Feel free to contribute to any project you like, or add new ones as you see fit. As for personal "user galleries", check out the New User Template for how to do this. And most of all, enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to set your name in the User Preferences, so we all know it's you when you do contribute

-Shnar Gru
I prefere riders over warriors.

Hi Goblin Master. I Also Collect Rohan Warriors!

- Captain_Of_Gondor?
Hey Goblin Master. Yea rohan is wikid, mighta guessed i liked em from da name. Australian ey?? join da club, bin collecting bout the same time as well, not suprisin as well cos i got the same collection nearly so 2 guesses y ey.

- Rider Of Rohan

Hey gess what, on my birthday (19;12) I'm getting The balrog, shelob and a cave troll and thats just off mum and dad.

- [[Goblin Master]]


-King Of Gondor
Where in Vic are you? I'm VIC
Lasta Greyshield

Get more goblins, goblin master - they're way cooler than rohans!

Although rohan is the coolest good army

Bour Bon

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