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LotR Wiki

Haldir Of Lothlorien

Edit this page (last edited November 8, 2006)

Hey guys, new to the craze i guess, i used to buy the issues got up to bout 11 then ran outta money. but luckily a mate has about 40 issues ( still in the original packaging) that he doesnt use as his mum bought them for him and is now giving to me for free, so lucky me. yea hope to meets some people that enjoy lotr as much as me, so cya around. heres a few of my mini's that i can rememba:

 -Gandalf (Grey)
 -Gandalf on Shadowfax
 -Faramir Ranger
 -Warriors Of Minas Tirith
 -Men of Rohan
 -High Elves
 -Gondor Soldiers

 -Uruk Captain
 -Orc Captain
 -Uruk Hai
 -Moria Goblins
 -Mordor Orcs
 -Uruk Hai Demolitions

thats bout it, if anyone wants to buy, trade, or wateva, just add me on msn, dnt email me, i dnt read them haha.

Lol, is this pretty much the same as the other 'Haldir' page? Well, follow the same advice as on that page.

Legolasthe Golden

What are your favourite races? Elves?

Legolasthe Golden

Hey Legolas, yea im about everything really, i like gondor(my favourite), the elves are mad, dwarves i like(even tho i only hav gimli lol), the only race i hate painting is rohan, they just piss me off haha, i'd love to have some easterlings, haradrim, MUMAKILL, dunedain, haldirs elves, glorifindel, elrond, ringwraiths, wargs haha the list goes on, so wat bout u, lol, wat floats ur boat. anyways do u hav msn, if so add me, it mite be easier to chat, and also if u would like to trade im willing to.


i cant download msn, cos my download system is full of viruses. i prefer high elves, and obviously legolas, and i like most races.

Legolasthe Golden

Oh ok, well do want to think about trading, and also do u live in Australia, and if so what state, cya


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Edited November 8, 2006 (diff)
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