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LotR Wiki

Hamfast Gamgee

Edit this page (last edited June 30, 2006)

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I am an old grognard, having been involved in gaming of various stripes since my youth. I have collected a small number of LOTR miniature and played a little with coworkers and my daughter. I also use my Skarloc's Woodelves from Warhammer Fantasy Battles to use as, whatelse, wood elves. I also have some Grenadier dwarves sculpted by Nick Lund which I use for, big surprise, dwarves.


  • Army of the Dead: 9 warrior plus the king. All but one warrior painted.

  • Urukai: 1 siege assault team 2 Berzerkers with torches, 8 regular warriors with two bombs, and two ladders. All painted but the ladders.

  • Mordor orcs: 24 (just started painting them.

  • Hobbits: A local toy store chain was having a 40% off sale, so I went wild. 12 Hobbit militia, 8 Hobbit bowmen, 4 hobbit sherrifs, farmer maggot and his dogs, 1 bowmen with horn, Fatty, Paladin Took, and Merriadoc Brandybuck. Half are primed. None are painted.

In the coming weeks I will add images of my painted figures.

./Miniature Gallery

Welcome aboard Hamfast! Glad to see other old codgers playing with their kids (see an old game of mine with my son at Publications/Battle Games In Middle Earth/Issue1/Shnar Grus Battle Report). I look forward to seeing any contributions you can add, if RL will let you that is

-Shnar Gru

Legolasthe Golden

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