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LotR Wiki

Harad Warstudier

Edit this page (last edited June 24, 2005)

WEll what can i say.... i used to hate lotr because i saw the movies and never understood them but over time me and my friend mike used to play fantasy games and stuff at school cause it was just great, so i ended up another one of those people suckling on the teat that is of the best man of literature of all time.

Yep so i love it. Used to get bgime it was good but being in australia i cost me 12 dollars a two- week and im only on 10 dollars a week so i had no money for building a choice army.

But ive checked that bgime thing that is on this site and now i just see what issue we are up to and order the ones i want when they come out.

I collect a harad/mordor army i have 24 warriors of harad, two harad chieftiens (proudly converted save $30 yeah!)24 mordor orcs, Orc captian (also converted)Cave troll painted and converted to represent a desert troll. This is my army but i also collect Dwarves (gotta love 'em) and have thirty six goblins i also have other warriors of good but i dont bother naming them as it bores me. I am getting a Mumak for my b-day and another $70.

Oh anyone who lives in england i got rellies in Sussex ad Essex, mainly Brighton, Lancing dont know the town in Essex ( i was born in england lived seven years then shipped out to Australia love the place who ever lives anywhere else move here) .

My Army Lists

Desert Hunters

Easterling Warrior x 12= 108 points
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
3/4 3 6 1 1 3 0/0/0 Man, heavy armor, easterling halberd, sword, shield Cost: 9

Haradrim Warrior x 12 = 72 points
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
3/4 3 3 1 1 3 0/0/0 Man, no armor, spear Cost: 6

Haradrim Bowman x 6 = 36 points
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
3/4 3 3 1 1 3 0/0/0 Man, no armor, man bow Cost: 6

Rurzar (Easterling Captian) x 1= 55
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
4/4 4 6 2 2 4 2/1/1 Man Hero, heavy armor, easterling halberd, sword Cost: 55

Huran (Haradrim Chieftain) x 1 = 50
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
4/4 4 4 2 2 4 2/1/1 Man Hero, no armor, spear, man bow, sword Cost: 50

Easterling Banner Bearer x 2 = 66
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
3/4 3 5 1 1 3 0/0/0 Man, heavy armor, man banner, easterling halberd, sword Cost: 33

Furzan (Haradrim Chieftian) x 1 = 45 points
 F   S  D  A  W  C  M/W/F
4/4 4 4 2 2 4 2/1/1 Man Hero, no armor, spear Cost: 45

Points 492-Models 35- Might 6

Category Users
Hey man!!!! Welcome to the Site!!!! I also started Lo TR from Wargaming but I found the Movies useful only for the Battle Scenes. I do Gondor and Rohan and I too live in Oz and I wargame whenever I Find Time (which is often) If you need any help on using WIKI or if you just wanna ask Questions, Don't hesitate at alll!!! Here's a pic of the Harad if thats alright

Bab Y123
Thanx 4 the pic great! what state do you live in??
Well mate I'm in NSW and I'm a dude, check out my WIKI Pageby clicking on me name plus i put "Category Users" on your page to make sure that your name is on the "all users" list

Bab Y123
Category Users

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