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Help On Templates

Edit this page (last edited August 29, 2005)

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Templates are a way to create new pages that are based on a different page, a template. If you create a page based on a template, the text from the template will be copied into the new page for edit. Using templates is a good way to get a head start on creating a page, and also allows a Wiki website to retain some semblance of unity. All pages built off the same template will have resonances of each other, having used the same mold in creation.

Creating A Page Based On A Template

There are two ways to create a page based on a template.

  • Wiki Link

One way to create a page is through a specialize link, that looks like this:


Rather than writing the just the wiki name link, add the name of the template followed by a dash character plus a greater than character, i.e. -> , and then the name of the page being created. When the user clicks on the question mark to start editing the new page, the text from the Template will be copied into this new page.

  • Goto Macro

Using the <goto> macro, if you enter in a page that does not yet exist, you will be presented with the following text:

Describe SomeNewPage here 

Alternatively, create this page using one of these templates: 
 * Miniatures Gallery Template   (view template) 
 * New Article Template   (view template) 
 * New Battle Games Issue Template   (view template) 
 * New Battle Report Template   (view template) 
 * New User Template   (view template) 
 * Sculptings Gallery Template   (view template) 
 * Terrains Gallery Template   (view template) 

To create your own template add a page with a name ending in Template.
In our example, we have entered in SomeNewPage? as the name in the <goto> macro.

There are three ways to create a page from here: Dbl-clicking, clicking on the "Describe SomeNewPage Here" or by clicking on one of the template names at the bottom of the page. Dbl-clicking or clicking on the "Describe SomeNewPage? Here" link will present the user with an empty edit box for which to create the page.

Clicking on one of those pages will present the user with an edit box for the new page who's text is copied in from the template (as opposed to an empty edit box). Clicking on the "view template" link will simply view the template, to show the viewer that this is indeed the template they wish to use.

Creating New Templates

To create a new template, simply create a new page who's name ends with the word "Template". The code looks at all pages created and any that ends with the word "Template" is what's listed at the bottom of a new page as shown above.

For example, if you created a page called MyTemplate, it will appear in the list described beneath the text "Alternatively, create this page using one of these templates: ".

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