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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited April 21, 2006)

Hi all, i'm Kaliska and i enjoy collecting LOTR models, don't really play the game tho cos i've never managed to get mates interested in it. Currently i'm putting together armies of Minas Tirith, Gondor & Rohan tho i doubt they'll ever actually get finished. I have rather a lot of models around as i'm subscribed to BGi ME and i plan to eventually get round to painting them all....maybe. I've been away from the wiki for a while cos i've started uni and i didn't bring any of my models with me but now i'm fixing that so i should be around a bit more

I'm also around on TLA but am just a lowly villager!

Email/Msn: kaliska at hotmail dot com

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Model List

I haven't posted it here cos the list got rather long so a link instead:




House Rules


Category Users

Hey, what country are you from?

-Baruk Khazad

Sunny old england


Hi, great to talk to the creator of the fancy basing article! That river base you did is amazing, as for being a villager on TLA couldn't you just write up one of your articles from here slightly longer and submit that? I just reached squire and the off-topic forum is cool & u get more respect in general from rangers if you've got a rank to your name, so to speak

The Terrain Dude

Thanks And yeah, i probably could write up summat i posted here,just never thought of it before...i shall get typing!


So your're a girl too?

-Lasta Greyshield

Yes indeed!


Do you have msn messenger? Also wheres your closest Gw. It would be good to have a game

-Baruk Khazad

My closest GW depends on if i'm at home or uni; Kingston or Guildford for the first & Southampton for the second but the chances of a game are extremely slim - i don't even know the rules let alone know how to play! i do have msn tho.

Ha! That's cool, so you're just collecting to paint?

-Shnar Gru



Hi! Itz Arwen Here!! it's great to know that there is more than one girl around!!! Well I'll see you around!!
Cool, I do more painting than anything else but I do manage the odd game

-The Terrain Dude
why doesnt anyone check my stuff out expt u and WW anyone like big dangerous monsters exept me; by the way by the "book to rule them all" playing is as much fun as it is to paint. gd luck

ungoliant (im male incase OK)

Probably cos this site tends to go through phases of ppl posting and then vanishing for a while, I'd imagine most of the other ppl haven't looked at the site for a little while, they'll be back tho!

ok thanks, by the way have u checkd out my 1st scenario& my troll caracteristiks? ungoliant
Yep i did indeed


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Edited April 21, 2006 (diff)
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