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LotR Wiki

Kaliska/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited June 18, 2006)

  • Fallen Rohirrim
  • Riders of Rohan
  • Rider In The River
  • Saruman
  • Treebeard
  • Mordor Orcs
  • Warriors of Minas Tirith
  • The Balrog
  • Gandalf The Grey
  • Gandalf The White on Shadowfax
  • Legolas
  • Lurtz
  • Gimli
  • Comments

  • Fallen Rohirrim

    This conversion came about when I managed to break two legs off this poor horse. I thought about fixing it but figured it would be more fun to try something new. Whilst this model is now pretty much useless for gaming purposes I quite like how it turned out...maybe it could be an objective marker for a scenario someday!

    Riders of Rohan

    Some of my riders of rohan... I attempted to give the second rider a string for his bow, harder than i thought it would be tho - the plastic glue i used to attatch the thread to his fingers almost melted the entire hand. Still it looks ok now although i may try again someday, I've heard that guitar strings can work quite nicely.

    Rider In The River

    This model was an experiment in basing which worked out much better than expected... in the end i had to repaint the horse to make them 'worthy' of its base!


    To date this is my favourite minature as far as painting goes. Don't know why, i just felt really pleased at how it finished up. I should add that it took nearly a week to paint (on and off) and started off dark red just to get the depth into the shadows.... yes, I may have gone a bit overboard!


    One Random question which arose from this one; what color are treebeard's eyes? Image on box has red eyes but in the film (when the hobbits first realise he's not a tree) they're yellow!

    Detail of the hobbits

    Mordor Orcs

    My latest project - attempting to create an army of Mordor, i'm aiming for lots of orcs backed by warg riders.

    Warriors of Minas Tirith

    Wow.... i actually have something thats beginning to resemble an painted army, albeit a small one! Decided to go with minas tirith as all the figures as so similar that they're nice and easy to paint in big groups. I used a very simple colour scheme of gray-silver-brown and relied on a single wash of blue/black to sort out the shadows on the armour.

    I've also done a captain & banner bearer but i don't seem to have any pics of them

    Detail of miniatures

    The Balrog

    Gandalf The Grey

    Gandalf The White on Shadowfax




    Gimli has had the gap between his arm and body drilled away so that he looks more realistic


    Feel free to add any comments to this page
    Wow! These are really good! I love the fallen Rohan conversion. Can't wait to see what else you've got

    -Shnar Gru
    Like that fallen Rider conversion - I've not seen anyone else do one before!

    -Os Bad
    =======JC======= yeah i recon saruman is the best

    That saurumon is really good, the one i did had a cloak too light and a face too dark kinda sucks really



    Neix J

    WOW!!! Your Models Are Amazing! I Love Your Saruman & Treebeard!

    - Captain Of Gondor
    Wow! Those models are amazing, esspecially the rider in the river and treebeard! I'd take my hat off to you sir! If I was wearing a hat lol

    The Terrain Dude
    Really really good! There are so many excellent painters in this community! I can see why you like your Saruman - it feels "just right" - the shadowing and highlighting are very subtle. And the face ... (sound of me drooling) ... the face ... really cool. Your Riders of Rohan are really cool, and I really like your use of colour - for some reason the bedroll on the fallen rider's back grabbed my attention. With the plastic glue/melting the hand - I can't tell! I've done much stupider things when I've not been aware of solvents/plastics stuff. I'll be posting them when I post a lot of pictures. -Ojno The Red

    Just thought I'd comment on your Merry and Pippin. The main feature of the model is Treebeard ofcourse, but still you took the time and effort to paint the hobbits well, and the result is great. You've got real painting skills. Love the Treebeard too!

    -Wolves of Isengard
    WOW! That Balrog is fantastic, great job!

    -Captain Of Gondor
    Man! You're making me mad that I don't have time to finish my models Really, really good job! Keep it up, want to see more

    -Shnar Gru

    me likes the balrog

    -Baruk Khazad
    Love the Minas Tirith Warriors. Could how tell me how you get the armour effect, as my painting is largely crap

    Marshall Of The Mark
    Brilliant!!!!!!!!!! u should go proffesional and charge for painting your so good how did u get so good? there breathtaking

    Completely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the horse in the river (what did you do for the water???), the rock bases on your Minas Tirith, and I also loved Saruman, especially his cloak.

    Bour Bon

    this is amazing,treebeard's eyes in the lord of the rings books are brown with green light.

    Bour Bon

    Ahem, replies to all the nice comments people have made with my apologies for not being around for ages!

    To Marshall Of The Mark: At one point i had a guide to how i did the warriors of minas tirith but i never got round to posting it and now its vanished! Thinking back the armour was based with chainmail and then washed with a watered down mix of 50% regal blue and 50% chaos black paints. Very quick and very easy!

    To Bour Bon: Thanks for the info on treebeard, nice to know i made a reasonable choice on colour The water for the horse in the river was made with a think mix of polyfiller (the powder variety) and then washed with a mix of regal blue, skull white and chaos black a few times. Finally the tops of the 'waves' were painted with skull white. (oh and it took forever to do!)

    Finally thanks to everyone for their nice comments


    You paint well but you can still progress, take it on the wild side, start converting your color patterns, by the way i like your balrog very good job


    I'm not very wild! I like to keep my colors simple, i think using too many makes a mini this size look too complicated and takes away from the effect - i normally try to keep to 2 main colours for a mini and i'll admit i'm not very creative with my colour palettes but i like to stick to roughly the colours from the films. I make one exception to this rule with my orcs (below) but i like to keep things reasonably realistic so even they're not all that varied

    Me again nice job on your balrog it's as good as mine, I think i'll buy 1 or 2 more, anyway congrats'

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