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LotR Wiki

Kaliska/Sculpting Gallery

Edit this page (last edited August 18, 2005)

  • Gimli
  • Comments

  • Gimli

    I'm not sure if this really counts as a conversion but since it still took me almost an hour to 'change' gimil I figured i'd put it here. Basically the change I made was hollowing out the area between Gimli's body and his axe - I didn't like the way there was a big mass of blank metal so i decided to drill/ file it out and fill in the details with greenstuff. It took much longer than i expected but with the help of a little pin drill and a small round file i got there in the end and the result while extreemly unspectacular made me happy!

    -- Kaliska


    One of those little details that makes all the difference. You seem to have more perseverance than I thought. I started, but didn't get as far as you managed!

    Another gripe of mine is the way Aragorn and the Ringwraiths' horses' reigns contain infill. I'm sure they could have been done better if GW had tried harder ...

    - Os Bad

    I think you've done a great job with the green stuff. I wonder why GW has usd this fill in method in LOTR and not in warhammer? Speed? It really does make the model look bad when you try to paint any detail on those flat parts, yet it looks as though you couldn't be bothered if you paint it all one colour.


    Hey Hey Hey that looks cool. I like lotr models and i think what you did was really cool i will be trying it. Wish me luck

    [Gondor Wanabe]?
    Kinda the same thing as the inside of Boromirs horn. But it would be hard to do a hollow horn without producing a distinct mould line.

    Neix J
    Good luck [Gondor Wanabe]?! That looks so amazing, of corse i couldnt do that, i dont have the patince -Uruk Hai Hunter

    Thanks Kaliska - I'm just up to preparing Gimli to be painted in the BGi ME series (we're WAY behind everyone else in Australia). I, too, didn't like the huge "fused" bit between the axe and his body, and inspired by your article, I drilled/filed out the gap as well! I used a household drill (very carefully - I would not describe a Bosche PSB 500 RE as a "delicate" instrument) with a 7/64" (2.7mm) drill bit, and once a hole was created, used files to get the rest of the gap. I'm very impressed you've incorporated the gap really well in your painting, and you'd hardly know that the gap was created by a home-made job! I've just finished doing this, and thought I'd convey my thanks right away. When my camera is back from repairs, I'll be posting my Gimli in a miniature gallery (along with the heaps of other photos I'm planning to post). -Ojno The Red
    my gimli came already hollowed out


    Alright for some!

    - Kaliska
    Hi Kaliska! We havent seen you around for AGES! Welcome Back!

    -King Of Gondor
    Yeah, lol I guess you took a break before I came onto this site. Welcome! What did you miss...

    -Ranger of the North
    Quite a lot i think....i probs vanished sometime around last august or september so anything from then onwards..... still, think i've hunted out most of the stuff thats been posted since then!

    - Kaliska
    lol cool. That is basically when I started on Wiki so I guess I was right.

    PS Do you have MSN? Whats your email?

    -Ranger of the North

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