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LotR Wiki

Kaliska/Terrain Gallery

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2005)

  • A corner hill
  • Amon Hen
  • Comments

  • A corner hill

    This is the first bit of terrain i put together, i wanted to use the ruins somewhere so i built them a hill and it went from there. Looking back it's not particularly useful - it has to be put in a corner and the ruin is a tad small to actually fight in.

    Amon Hen

    After seeing the fellowship i wanted to recreate amon-hen, it took me a while to get round to it but eventally i did. I got approximate dimensions from the film and game and made it in paper first to see if i'd guessed right. The final thing is made of polystyrene and lots of bits of card.

    This is a close up of the seeing seat - i tried a couple of ways and this worked out best although i still plan to redo it some time. This ones made of salt dough and it's too rounded for my liking, any ideas on a better way?


    Feel free to add any comments to this page
    The images aren't coming in I can't wait to see them, if they're anything like your models. If you have time, make an article or two in the Terrain section.

    -Shnar Gru
    This seems to be the banner curse affecting you. I can tell you the Amon Hen looks Great. A request to Kaliska, can you take a better photo of the seeing seat? i was interested on that one but the photo seems unfocused (sp?).

    -Mighty Mushroom

    That should do it, I think the new image is a bit better.


    They're coming in fine now. I love the hill, do you have other pictures at different angles? Or maybe how the miniatures stand up on them? My biggest problem with some of my terrain is while they look good, they aren't practical as the models tip over too much. Do you have the same trouble with yours?

    I really like the way the rock sides of both pieces look. How'd you do those? Just randomly cut into the styrofoam? Use a wirecutter?

    -Shnar Gru

    The rocks on the hill are cut with a craft knife, everything was 'cos that was all I had to hand! And yep, I just sorta hacked away at the polystyrene I was using to make the main cliffs. The only different bit, although you can't see it too well, is the sloping bit tucked into the corner of the hill - that's a pile of little stones from the garden mixed in with polystyrene rocks.

    I may have cheated a little on the rock sides for amon hen - I didn't want to use up all of my polystyrene so it's actually just a sheet propped from underneath with a couple of pillars. The rock sides are the (very thin) offcuts from sculpting the 'top' of the slope which I carefully overlapped and glued round the sides.

    This seems to be the only pic of models on the hill I've got at the moment but I'll take some more tomorrow; the lights all gone now.

    (In this pic Lurtz is at the top of the curving path - you can see he's tilting forward a fair bit but this is where the path slopes the mo


    Real great!!!

    The Amon Hen shrine is really fantastic!!!

    Keep going on with the good work.

    someone should make helms deeep and put on pics i am currrently making minas tirith, pics of it soon. all the current scenery is naff apart from amon hen which is ok but a lot short from great

    your mate

    Welcome aboard Sammy. A word of netiquette, shorthand is looked down upon here. Take your time when posting to properly spell, punctuate and capitalize properly. We all appreciate it when that's done.

    As for other scenery, feel free to create your own userpage and throw yours up. This is a relatively young site (only been around for about 2 months) and it grows as we get more members. I'd love to see what you've done. And if you feel so ambitious, write up an article for it in the Terrain section

    -Shnar Gru
    Fukin A Grade

    Yeah amon hen is AWESOME!!! Just waiting to be plopped onto a finished gaming board. But Sammy Slayer, Minas titith will be really really REALLY hard to make (although well worth it when finished.)

    Bour Bon
    Great job! this stuff would look fab in a battle on say a game board or with other terrain. ever though of making a board, anyways? if yes, please puts pics of it up!

    Retarded Geek

    P.S. Minas Tirith would be even harder than helm's deep to make by a long shot, and helm's deep is no easy feat. But, if you were to build either, please post pics.
    Category Users

    These are vey good!

    - Eomer

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