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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited December 13, 2004)

I collect BGi ME and that is how I started with the LOTR minatures. I can't wait for the Battle of the Pelennor fields supplement. My name is Ben, I am 14

Welcome aboard Ben

Feel free to contribute anywhere that pulls your attention. Your own personal pages (such as Galleries and the like) are best to be created as child pages here. Check out the New User Template or other user pages on how most of us have done it. Have fun!

-Shnar Gru

Are you from UK? Yeah, welcome, visit my page: UGLUK1000 if you want. You can learn a few things about layouts and stuff.

Im 14 also!


Category Users

Are You the Same Ben that Uses I'm Jacob!

Hi King-Elessar, I'm Faramir and read your Legolas vs Gimli article and really enjoyed it. Ps I changed the heading for you.

Thanks for that Faramir, nice for someone to give me good feeback. No, I do not use so I don't know you Jacob

I didn't just read your article on Legolas vs Gimli I played it! It was very fun and I ended up beating Legolas by 1 uruk!

-Captain Of Gondor

When I played it Legolas won by a massive 7 Uruks. Some lucky rolling there for the elf


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Edited December 13, 2004 (diff)
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