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LotR Wiki

Lasta Greyshield

Edit this page (last edited June 10, 2005)

Lasta Greyshield (Lasta Sindė)

I am Lasta Grey-shield. I am 14. I became interested in the LOTR Strategy Battle Game coincidently just before the 1st BGi ME Issue Was Released (without knowing a thing about BGi ME!!!!!!!!!). I mostly collect the Forces of Evil, and am Aussie:


Isengard: Saraman, Ugluk, Lurtz, Uruk-hai Captain, 19 Uruk-hai, 1 Uruk-hai Banner Bearer, 3 Uruk-hai Berserkers.
Mordor: Grishnak ,23 Mordor Orcs (about half of them converted), 2 Mordor Orcs in scavenged armour, 1 Mordor orc Standard Bearer(converted).
Moria: 6 intact Moria Goblins (several squashed or abused)Got 12 NEW! ones (this time I will be more careful of them!)
Harad 24 Haradrim (NEW!)
Good 23 Warriors of Minas Tirith (I collect mostly Baddies.), Eowyn... (want...)
  • Rot K Rulebook.
  • So G supplement.
  • Bo PF supplement.
  • Assorted GW and acrylic paints.
  • BGi ME magazines (earlier baddie ones, and the later ones are shared with Amring .
  • Trees, Pond, Bushes, 2 ruined towers, 1 watchtower, Redwall Abbey hopefully coming soon.

My Wiki Friends

Amring = My brother.
Faramir = Likes Redwall like me.
Arwen = Thinks I like Eowyn for some reason...
RangeroftheNorth? =

Lasta GreyshieldPoints Value: 13
6/-+ 3 5 1 1 5
Might: 1
Will: 1
Fate: 1


Lasta Grey-Shield carries an elven blade and a shield, and wears heavy armour



I reformated your Uruk rules for you

Neix J
Hi just wondering were abouts in aus do u live? im in vic

-Uruk Hai Hunter
I'm in Victoria, although I will be moving to tas in a couple of years. oxxx(::::::::::::::> Lasta Greyshield

Why do you write oxxx(::::::::::::::> for. Nice page! -Faramir

Thanks for comment Faramir!
P.S can't be bothered putting oxxx(::::::::::::::> up anymore. Lasta Greyshield

Hi Lasta Greyshield, On my page you wrote you could not join the redwall site because you didn't have an e-mail. If you go to 9 msn hotmail you can create one realy quickly. I hope that helps.

Just wondering, but are you a boy or a girl? Arwen
FARAMIR: I'm on Redwall SBG now. Used hotmail. I will be easy to find...I'm called "Lasta Greyshield" on there!
ARWEN: I am a boy, Arwen. Does that make you feel happy or sad? I can still help you though. What country do you come from? I'm Aussie. case I am mistaken for a page...those Eowyn pictures...err...must take them down....(My non-Lot R Wiki friends tease me about liking Eowyn all the time!)

Lasta Greyshield
Whats your hotmail addy?

-King Of Gondor
Sorry Arwen

Lasta Greyshield
Hi, I found this site with backgrounds and i thought you may like to use one on this page: Hope you enjoy!

-The Terrain Dude


-Baruk Khazad

I've already got those backgrounds.
Lasta Greyshield
I found you a great pic that you can use!!! Hee Hee... LOL!!! Arwen <picture of wallpaper that Lasta Greyshield deleted to make space>
Err... I've already got that one (blushes)! Lasta Greyshield

Deleted some comments...Cleaning up.

- Lasta Greyshield

Yeah, Lasta. Eowyn SUCKS. Shall I get rid of those pictures for you?

Your profile should have 6 defence, and should be more points. (real random) Nice army, too! are you the cranky school teacher?

Retarded Geek

Nice profile lasta. I am new here, can anyone help me to get some pics in my profile?


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