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LotR Wiki

Leftenant Iltzafein

Edit this page (last edited November 11, 2004)

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Greetings all, I'm a college student in Canada but sadely I've only started the Lord of the Rings Startegy Battle Game last year so I've missed a lot in the years when could easily afford the stuff! (tuition does suck at times) But better now then never anyways. Hope to get to know you gents soon!

My models just to name a few since it's late and I gotta skidaddle include.....


16 high elves with spears 24 high elves with sword and bow 16 gondorians with swords Gil-galad Isildur Elrond


over 100 some high elves and gondorains

that's all for now but I'll post the rest later.

Hi and welcome to Lot R Wiki!! If you need any help just ask one of us users, we'll be happy to help!
I can't wait to see some of your minis! And, do you have MSN Messenger?

-King Of Gondor
Yah the 3rd canadian on this site!Welcome! If you need any help just ask!

-Citadel Guard
Welcome! Good thing to see so many new members! Again, if you need any help, just ask King Of Gondor or Citadel Guard! lol

It's good to see another canadian on this site EH. Me and Crazy Canuck get lonely sometimes. Where do you live Leftenent?

-Citadel Guard
Hi & Welcome to the Site! I See That You Collect High Elves! I'm Thinking of Having A 2nd Age Army Dedicated to Them! Anyways Thanx for Joining & I Hope to See Some Contributions From You Soon!

-Captain Of Gondor

Hey a new person. Welcome!!! I can't wait to see some pics of your minis.

- Eomer
Thats a lot of elves! Welcome to the site!

The Terrain Dude

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Edited November 11, 2004 (diff)
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