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LotR Wiki

Lord Glorfindel

Edit this page (last edited April 6, 2004)

Lord Glorfindel beith my name and i collect high elves. With their superior tactics and fine fighting prowesse these ancient warriors know exactly what to do - ill be trying to set up a few pages in the future althouhg i am a bit of a novice with WIKI code...


Use these links to create your galleries.


As you create articles for the site, remember to enter a link to them here.
For example:

Welcome Lord Glorfindel. I've taken the liberty to rename your name to something more wiki-ish (see WikiNames? for more details on what this should be like). Feel free to contribute wherever you like, oh and don't forget to put your name in the User Preferences so we can see what you change (rather than just your IP address).

-Shnar Gru

One comment, when you sign your pages, don't put any spaces in your name, make it one work. Wiki automatically figures out if a word has more than one capital letter in it, then it's supposed to be linked to a page. If you space your name like you've done on a couple posts recently, the website thinks each name is different and tries to link both the "Lord" and the "Glorfindel".

Use "LordGlorfindel", not "LoRD? GlOrFinDel?"...

-Shnar Gru
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Edited April 6, 2004 (diff)
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