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LotR Wiki

Lord Of Lorien/Miniature Gallery

Edit this page (last edited September 30, 2005)

Lord Of Lorien Miniature Gallery

  • High elf archers
  • Elves vs Goblins
  • Treebeard
  • Mr. Frodo Baggins
  • Comments

  • High elf archers

    This is my high elf archer regiment. It also has 3 haldirs elves. i think about 4 of the high elves arent painted but are undercoated.


    Elves vs Goblins

    These are two of my Haldirs elves taking two moria goblins. Sorry about the blur this picture seems to have a bad blur



    Here is my treebeard i decided not to have merry and pippin on him. I still need to varnish him because the paint keeps rubbing off


    Mr. Frodo Baggins

    As you can see this is my Mr.frodo and yes he rules. When i went to paint his feet i almost painted them a brown but then I remebered Mr.frodo does want wet soggy poop on his feet! POOPS!


    At the moment they are my only pics. I am still painting my treebeard so as soon as i finish him & my camera is repaired i will put some more up. Also why doesnt my name appear in the recent changes list. It only has my ip address.

    -Lord Of Lorien
    Looks good. Make sure you base the model as I've noticed it greatly improves the overall appearance of a model.

    As for your name, if you have a name entered in the User Preferences then that's whats used in the Recent Changes list. If the name is blank then Wiki just grabs your IP address. The name is stored as a "cookie" in your browser. If you reboot your machine or change machines, this cookie is reset. Easiest way to tell is when you look at the menu on the left, if it says "New User" then the name is blank. If it says "My User Page" then the name has been filled in.

    -Shnar Gru

    well done - i love tree beard- and im proud that another member has decided to collect elves. keep in touch and keep posting !

    -Lord Glorfindel
    Shnar Gru is right, basing helps EXTREMELY, every time I am painting miniatures, I think what did I do wrong? These look bad! And then I base them, and voila, they look bright and happy and cheerful. Except the bad guys, like the Uruk-Hai. They're never happy.

    Neix J

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    Edited September 30, 2005 (diff)
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