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LotR Wiki

Lord Of Utumno

Edit this page (last edited January 28, 2005)

Lord of Utumno.

Hello fellow Lord of the Rings fans, skipping formalities, my collection includes Mordor Orcs, Morannon Orcs and Uruk-Hai. The heroes in my force include Gothmog, a Ringwraith, a Chieftain Troll, Saruman, Lurtz and Gashthrak (Orc Captain, my naming [means fire-like in the Black Speech)].

OOOHHHHHH, welcome Lord Of Utumno (hahaha, I beat you all) hey LOU wat country are you from?

-Citadel Guard

England, Nottingham.

Hey, Lord of Utumno. I've enjoyed reading your contributions so far! Cave troll with the axe glued on does sound frightening.

By the way, this works best if you put Category Users somewhere on the page. Just by typing it here I've put it on for you! This means that you're user page is included in the Category Users list. -Ojno The Red

Thank you for the advice Onjo, I will be posting a new supplement soon in the scenarios section, yet I have written it in Microsoft Word, would you know how to put it onto this website?

Lord of Utumno
You should be able to just copy and paste the text into a page on the site. If you have any images you will have to host them on an image site (e.g. and then put the link into the page. Ask if you any more help.

FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ
You can also use, but for writing an article you are likely to want headings etc. You can learn about how wiki works in the Help Section.

-King Of Gondor

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Edited January 28, 2005 (diff)
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