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LotR Wiki

Lost Pict

Edit this page (last edited August 12, 2004)

Back in the mists of time I became a gamer ... Panzer Blitz, SPI's TSS, Tobruk, D&D, C&S, Traveller, SG2, TRACTICS until the current obsession - GW's LOTR!

I also like to mess with ProFantasy? mapware and I'm an expert with their Character Artist software (some of my stuff or or

I have 1000s of minis with about 20% painted. I hear if they are ever painted then you die

My other obsession is 25mm China Station / Pulp gaming in the 1920s and 30s (ala Indiana Jones or The Sand Pebbles) and Classic TRAVELLER.

Bringing it back to LOTR, here is a scenario that I think is fun:

Razing Rohan:

The battle takes place on a 48" square board with a 8" diameter ring fort in the center (make the fort with earthen walls and stakes - I will add a construction guide later). Scattered around the periphary are 8 houses (each at least 12" from the fort), each house contains one villager (treat as Rohan warrior with -1 to attack and -1 to wound) and one Rohan warrior (with hand weapons). The villagers are nervous and ready to run to the fort at the first sign of trouble. A 6 member mounted patrol left at dawn (use a Rohan captain and 5 riders all with bows and throwing spears) and will return in 1D6+3 turns. The Rohan player secretly designates the board edge for this return before the game begins.

The White Hand raiding party enters from any edge to start the game. The party consists of 4 Orc Warg riders (with bows), 12 Uruk-hai scouts (+1 movement) with swords & shields, 4 Uruk scouts (+1 movement) with Orc bows, and Lurtz on foot. Once the evil forces are on the board the villagers and warriors can move.

The evil forces can burn a house by moving in contact with the house and remaining with it for a full turn (while not engaged in combat). The Warg Riders are very effective at this

The ring fort is called a Rath. This kind of fort is constructed by digging a deep, circular ditch and piling the dirt on either side of the ditch to form a low outer wall and a high inner wall. A ring of outward facing stakes driven into the earthen walls completes the defences. A narrow opening is left to allow defenders to pass into the fort and then barricades are moved across the enntrance (it takes 2 people two consecutive turns to drag each barricade in place). Within the inner wall, a firing step is formed to allow defenders to shoot over the walls. Attackers must cross the outer wall, cross a 5" deep ditch, and then climb a 10' tall wall to get at the defenders. Use the standard rules for defending an obstacle with these exceptions: defenders receive a +1 on attack rolls due to the stakes (inner and outer walls). After an attacker defeats a defender it takes one turn to sqeeze over the outer wall and through the stakes. Assaulting the inner wall is a 3-turn process (1st turn to climb the wall with only the ability to Shield, 2nd turn to attack the defenders while hanging onto the stakes, 3rd turn to climb over the stakes and stand on the wall's top). Mounted figures may not cross these barriers. The fort is well-stocked with throwing spears. Every figure may throw a spear each turn while in the fort.

The barricades are wooden, spiky structures covered in live thorns and brambles. Until cleared they are treated just like part of the inner and outer walls. The attackers can try to remove the barricades - this will take two attackers two consectutive turns (while not engaged in combat) to clear the barricades.

The attackers can try burning the barricades per the house rules - it will take 2d6 turns for a barricade to burn-up completely up. The fort is planted in green grass and the stakes are old hardened wood that will not burn. The attackers can also batter the barricades down (3 batter points and defense of 7).


52 victory points possible (24 houses, 6 horses, 6 riders, 8 warriors, 8 villagers)

Raiders - 3 victory points for each house burned and one victory point for each Rohan villager/warrior/rider/horse killed.

Rohan side - 1 victory point for each house saved and each survivor.

Victory goes to the side with the most victory points with these caveats: In order for a White Hand victory, at least 12 members of the raiding party must exit the far edge of the board (orc/warg/uruk-hai). In order for a Rohan victory, at least 1 house must survive.


Raiders - Use the Warg riders to either cut-off the escape path to the fort or burn houses. When the hated horse riders arrive, the Warg riders should shield the retreating infantry.

Lurtz moves slower since he is in heavy armour. The Scouts move +1 in their light armor. Move the bowmen into range of the fort and use them to pick-off defenders.

Rohan - Warriors should limit fighting in the open, but do not allow the raiders free access to the houses. Concentrate on taking out the bowmen (Warg riders and foot). Hunker down in the fort until the cavalry arrives. You may want to place some defenders on the outer wall, but they will likely die. When the cavalry arrives, focus on killing at least half the raiders. It is very difficult for a raider to breach the walls, but if you let him watch out.

Welcome aboard Lost Pict

We're all gamers at heard, refusing to grow up. I've never heard of ProFantasy? though, do they have a website? At any rate, feel free to help out to whichever pages pull you.

-Shnar Gru

Welcome! Can't wait to see some articles from you and if you need any help dont hesitate to ask! By the Way, what country are you from?

-King Of Gondor

Welcome Lost Pict! I Can't Wait to see your Miniature Gallery! Also Do You Have MSN Messenger?


Welcome LostPic?. I believe the rumour about dieing if you paint all your models is true, luckily for me i'll never paint all my models...

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

Ah!!!!!!!! I'm gonna die!!!

-King Of Gondor

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