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LotR Wiki

Lot R

Edit this page (last edited April 17, 2006)

Lot R is an anacronym for Lord Of The Rings.

I suppose I could list all sorts of details as to what Lord of the Rings really is, but eh, I'm sure we all know about that or else we wouldn't be on this site. Instead, here's a good link for major Lot R detail:

And I'll include the GW Page of Lot R (the main reason you're on this site in the first place):

The Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game is the reason we're all here, right? In a nutshell, it's part wargame, part hobby. Here's what the official Games Workshop site has to say about it:

The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game gives you and your friends every opportunity to relive the excitement of the motion picture. Do you want to refight the tense and action-packed scenes from the Battle at Helm's Deep? You can! Will Frodo, Sam, and their companions make it out of the city of Osgiliath alive to continue on their journey to Mordor? Play the game to find out! All you need is an opponent, a handful of dice, a flat surface to play on and, of course, some of The Lord of The Rings miniatures, and you're ready to take the first steps down the path of Miniature Gaming.

The Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game does a great job at capturing the essense of the movies and the books. The original license agreement that Games Workshop had with TolkienEnterprises? was only for the movies, so the first miniatures and scenarios were based around Peter Jackson's interpretation of the movies. Then, they received the permission to create works around the novels (The Hobbit and Lot R only, not the Silmarillion), and so we are seeing extra characters such as Beregond, and suppliments like Shadow And Flame.

On aspect that sets Lot R out how scenarios are stressed over general pts-matched battles. Playing a scenario with specific, themed objectives is a great way to better capture the feel of the movie then just an all-out-war.

Rules and Starter Sets

There are three starter sets complete with miniatures and rulebooks, the minimum you need to play a game:

Fellowship Of The Ring

The Two Towers

Return Of The King


There are also various supplements released and planned. These are rulebooks with additional rules, characters and scenarios but no miniatures:

Shadow And Flame

Siege Of Gondor

Battleof Pellennor Fields Scouringofthe Shire (Coming Soon to GW!)
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