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LotR Wiki


Edit this page (last edited June 2, 2006)

Im 13 and have collected warhammer for 4 years since 2000 and collect tau lizardmen and now lotr i plan to collect the magazine while finishing off my lizardmen army.


Use these links to create your galleries.
  • /MiniatureGallery?
  • /SculptingGallery?
  • /TerrainGallery?


these are my articles

'Tis nice to see new members. Im gunna beat Shnar Gru to it, and tell you to set your name in the User Preferences , just so we know its you when you make changes. Otherwise we just get a bunch o' crazy numbers.

Neix J

Hi, and welcome MACE. I fixed up the "signing problem" you had in your first article page. If you don't use a Wiki Name i.e. 2 seperated capital letters in you id, you have to put 2 square brackets like [[ and ]] at either end of your id to make it a link.

Also your article link from this page wasn't working and the article wasn't showing up in the Minatures / Painting section, I've re-created it with a slightly diffrent name, and fixed the link on this page. Only way I knew how to fix it. I hope you didn't mind. Shnar Gru will prob. come through and change it again anyway.

Neix J, That would be IP addresses I think you mean ("a bunch o' crazy numbers").

-The Precious
I knew it was some sort of adress, and besides, all numbers are crazy, you know?

Neix J

Hey i just read your message in the bgime section, yeah if you wanna meet up at games day let me know

ok but where im at the library (the computer mucked up so i dont have the map

Coming soon by mace is a terrain gallery battle gallery miniture gallery and how to make helms deep and also some time after october the 24th a reveiw on games day

and also guys im getting a new computer (moving again to chch) so how do i change it to my new computer

Hi guys MACE is back and in christchurch helms deep is getting made soon


Neix J
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Edited June 2, 2006 (diff)
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