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LotR Wiki

Marshall Of The Mark

Edit this page (last edited November 20, 2005)

Category Users
I'm Marshall of the Mark.

Terrain Articles




Rohan Campaign

 ./Act One
 ./Act Two
 ./Act Three
 ./Act Four
 ./Final Act

 ./Brace The Gate!
 ./Evacuation Along The Anduin
 ./Bring It Down!
 ./Prepering The Deep

New Troop Profiles

 ./Erkenbrand Captain Of The Westfold
 ./The Lake Men Of Esgoroth
 ./Uruk Hai Scouts

Battle Reports

 ./Scouring of The Westfold

-Marshall Of The Mark


 ./Southern Fiefdoms


Welcome aboard Marshall. I've taken the liberty of renaming your name to have no spaces, Wiki prefers is that way (see Wiki Name for reasons why). Feel free to contribute to anywhere that pulls you

-Shnar Gru
Welcome Marshall of the Mark! (Beat Ya to him guys!)

-Captain Of Gondor
Oh, and don't forget to enter your name in the User Preferences so we can see when you do make a contribution (as it appears on the Recent Changes list). And lastly, keep the 'O' and the 'T' capitalized. One thing Wiki does is that it puts spaces between capitalized letters. If you make your name MarshalloftheMark, wiki will interpret it as "Marshallofthe Mark". But if you make your name MarshallOfTheMark then wiki will display "Marshall Of The Mark" (notice the differences in spaces).

-Shnar Gru
Hi! Good choice for a fav. army.

-The Precious
Hi Marshall - I liked you Campaign, and have left a few handy tips on the pages.

Neix J
Love the additions Marshall. One note though, rather than making them subpages here, you can make them subpages of the appropriate article sections. For example, the ./Ruins should be in Terrain/Buildings, and then just link from here (check out my user page to see what I mean, my articles are just linked from my user page, only the "galleries" are actual child pages). It doesn't really matter, but if you move them there, your articles will be in a centralized location that everyone will see, rather than just off of your user page.

If you do want to move them there, then just use the Rename Page link at the bottom, and name them at their new appropriate locations. For example, ./Ruins would be renames to "Terrain/Buildings/Ruins". Either way, keep it up! It's good stuff.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited November 20, 2005 (diff)
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