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Edit this page (last edited October 29, 2006)

I've just been thinking that there have been pretty much no new articles posted for a while. We've had new people joining a lot but nobody has really made proper articles. Also, has anyone seen my 'The Hunt for Carcharoth' page. For some reason I can't get the link on the house rules page to access it, so the only way to get to it is to type it into the search bar. Could someone fix this?

Legolas The Golden


The Precious
As with many hobbies in life, time comes and goes as to when you can spend real time and then devote a portion of that time to writing articles. I still have a lot of good ideas that I want to complete, but just don't have the time RL to do them. Some day (hopefully soon), I'll be able to contribute more, and I'm sure other members I'm sure are in similar situations.

The best thing while the existing members are tied up RL is to get new members, fresh blood who have more time to devote to the site. BUT doing that is tricky too. What we need are some exclusive articles that most other sites don't have. Then we promote that on the other major sites, and new people start coming.

Here's a few items that are exclusive:
  • Publications : All three sections here are unique, relatively complete listings of the different Lot R publications. The BGi ME list in particular is unique to our site and could be a good way to draw new players.
  • Miniatures/Painting/Banners : This list was really popular when the banners rule was first published, but I think it's still pretty popular and relatively unique (you always see people asking about where to find good banners).
  • Gaming : There are some unique ideas here, and that can be used to attract attention, but since most aren't fleshed out, this may backfire. I see the Gaming/SoloPlay? and Gaming/Game Aids as two sections that would be the most attractive.

When I start playing again, I'm really interested in creating a Battle Company and building it up. For this, I've been reviewing my ideas of Gaming Cards (see [Gaming/Game Aids/Gaming Cards]?) and think it's a perfect match for a small battle company. If I build the cards properly, I'll start posting again. Biggest problem is RL time

-Shnar Gru

yes i come and look once a day this site rocks. how can i put stuff like painting guids and gallerys on here? -easterling

Hi i'm new, i was looking at the BGIME list and a lot of issues have no reviews if no one minds i could do some for the issues that i have. Yes or no? btw if you want new articles that are unique i have posted a new space hulk styled idea under the supplements. (its only the basic rules at the moment tho)

The Angry Turtle

Go for it The Angry Turtle. Thats the whole point of wiki. You add as much as you like.

-The Precious

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Edited October 29, 2006 (diff)
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