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Message Board/Anyonelikethe Redwall Books

Edit this page (last edited December 28, 2004)

If anyone has read Redwall, I have the Redwall Strategy Battle Game. Tell me if you are interested.

Lasta Greyshield. oxxx(::::::::::::::>

________________ _____________________________
Defnately I read and have them all!!


I know my friend loves them because he's read them all.

-Citadel Guard

Interested in the Strategy Battle Game? It is based on the LOTR game. Only problem is it is in Microsoft Word and almost unreadable if put into HTML. Lasta Greyshield.

Sorry to Sound Stupid But Whats RedWall??

-Captain Of Gondor
It is a big series about animals (who act like people) and fight and stuff.

Oh Ok Sounds Like Another Good Story For Me to Read!!!

-Captain Of Gondor

Don't worry, it is!

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671
I love RedWall?!


If you like Redwall and the LOTR SBG visit my site at

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Edited December 28, 2004 (diff)
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