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Message Board/Banned Users

Edit this page (last edited September 11, 2006)

Here is a current list of IPs being blocked. If you happen to be one of these and feel unjustly blocked, please email to express so.

  • (chinese vandale)

Oringal Posts
I hate to do it, but I've fanned another user. Two so far in our 3 months existence isn't too bad. The first was the one who kept doing "cheese" stuff. Now, I've banned the one who was doing all the "banana" wipes.

I'm still looking at other means of security, but for now their IP addresses are simply banned from editing any pages.

-Shnar Gru
May I suggest as a mater of policy not to make any comments when restoring vandalised pages. So stop putting in commetns such as 'grow up' and similar.

Yes I agree with this statement. So stop putting in comments regarding good suggestions.


Hrm? I don't understand? What good suggestions? Why stop putting in comments? I like comments, they allow me to know the purpose of the change in the Recent Changes list. In fact, whenever someone changes a page w/out a User Name and there's no comment, there's a decent chance it was a vandalized change.

-Shnar Gru

Not sure if someone was trying to be clever or not.

Most vandals and the like do it for recognition, to be labelled as something - they *want* you to notice them breaking things or whatever. My feeling is that includes remarks about them on the recent changes pages.

Hence my suggestion is that reverting vandals should be done quitely without comment, at the maximum maybe with the word "revert" or similar as the comment.

I was replying more to Chad's response, his "stop putting in comments regarding good suggestions" remark. I couldn't tell what he meant, that the vandales had good suggestions? I was attempting to clarify his comments.

As for the comments on fixing the vandalized pages, I understand your point but don't entirely agree. A) I don't think the vandales even know about the Recent Changes page to see and B) it allows the repairer a means of venting of some steam that came from the vandalization.

Either way, it's probably best to not make snide remarks like that but if they do, I don't necessarily mind it, so don't want to make it an "official" policy. Just use your best judgement.

-Shnar Gru
Just an update, I've banned two more users, those that were doing a lot of vandalizing the past two days. I think it was the kid that stole our Banners page onto that Freewebs site (look at the Miniatures/Painting/Banners topic for more details) since the bans happened right after I'd posted on my complaint about someone stealing my page. I also found a small bug in my banning code, it still allowed banned users to change the pages. I've since fixed that.

-Shnar Gru
Sorry to say, but I've banned another two users. They weren't vandalizing very many pages, but enough to warrent a ban. The one thing that a vandale does that really sucks is that they add to the size the wiki database is. Every time you make a save, all text is saved (so that way we can revert when needed). It isn't cleared out until 30 days have passed. A vandale who's doing a bunch of saves therefore increases the MBs this site takes, and I'm limited to 50mbs. This site alone is 15mb, not too bad, but adding up with every vandale. I've thus decided to block anyone who's just doing tons of saves...

-Shnar Gru
You know what should be done with Vandals and Crooks? Fired out of cannons into the Sun. Sha,e we can't hear their screams in space

Neix J
Hey, Shnar Gru. Does that mean these message boards are a bad idea, as they might have 100's of post, each on a new iteration of the earlier = huge mb usage. I'll have to break the habit of saving regularly as well, when writting articles (such as update on issue 3 of BGi ME) I'll learn to use the preview button a bit more too.

-The Precious
Nah, the forums are fine. Wiki does a decent job of clearing itself out. I believe it's something like any edits that are more than 30 days old it removes. So while there is some history, it's not permanent. This keeps the website smaller in size too. The only problem is sometimes vandales will do 30 to 50 saves in a row and that inflates the DB.

So far size isn't a big concern. Once it does, I may go through and remove some of the older pages, particularly some of the really old/dead Message Board pages. I can probably also go through and "trim" some of the history pages, greatly reducing the size of the DB. At this stage of the game, you're ok with doing a periodic save while you're working on a page. It's what I do

-Shnar Gru

I am AnimalWizard? and would like to make this statement.


I am The Converter's brother. He is #DEPRECATED ing everybody's pages. Even mine. If you want to blame someone blame him. Please leave me alone and stop blaming me. AnimalWizard?
I am NOT #DEPRECATEDing everybody's pages. The Converter says he's me and is deleting every thing. blame him not me. AnimalWizard?
Yeah right!

The Terrain Dude
I think they both should be banned!

Alright sorry about that I got excited.... But I think all that useless stuff they are making should be deleted.


I would just like to say that I , The Converter , am AnimalWizard? s older brother and AnimalWizard? found out that was on this site and decided to take alook. Then he found out how to depreciate peoples pages and started posting it all over. Then he tried to blame me. I myself have not actually done anything wrong. The good news is that AnimalWizard? has been banned from the internet by my parents so there will be no more depreciation.

-The Converter
Good. Everything went wrong when AnimalWizard? came!

The Terrain Dude
The Converter, I make AnimalWizard? your responsability. We can't have this continue, and you both will be banned if you can't keep him reigned in...

-Shnar Gru
You tell em!!


I seem to have attracted my own personal vandal (possibly because of something I had to do being a Ranger on TLA - I think I know the identity of the individual, and if it persists I will persue this more fully). So far he has been posting crud over my personal page and other stuff I have contributed - mainly the WD list. I have so far caught it and replaced the crud with the original material, but if anyone else catches him, give him a kick up the proverbial for me please!

Os Bad
I've found that most vandales don't have the patience necessary to keep it up. We do, cause we're always adding new content, etc. but vandales usually do their nasty work, then fade-away and forget (which is why I rarely ban someone). If it persists a lot, lemme know and I'll ban him. You do know how to revert to a previous version, right? I mean, when you clean up the vandales, it should just be a couple clicks, no typing/deleting/etc...

-Shnar Gru

how do you revert to old pages?

-Baruk Khazad

I must admit to going back to the last unvandalised version and copying and pasting that over the top of the vandalised version to give me a new one. Doesn't take long, but if there is a faster way... (I must admit to being a little confused about the "help" information on this)

-Os Bad

Nah, that's about it, you view the History, find the unvandalized viewer, view it, edit it (without changing anything), save it. Simple enough...

-Shnar Gru
How much MB did we use of the site so far? If it is alot then we should probably delete some of the older threads etc...

-Ranger of the North
Well, the Database is up to 52MB. The site that hosts has a limit of 50MB, so the database with all the other images that I throw up there, and all the old jediwars stuff, I'm well past that limit. However, they haven't said anything about it yet, so I don't know. Maybe, with the way harddrive memory is so cheap, they just don't care. If they say something, I'll start wiping out pages (or history pages, as that's a big chunck of the memory).

-Shnar Gru
Wow, it wouldn't hurt to delete some of the older pages now though anyway...

-Ranger of the North

Is it just me, or has there been a lot of vandals lately?
There has, and the way it's been happening makes me think it's a "bot", i.e. a program that's just doing it in an automated fashion. I was checking out Open Wiki the other day and someone had posted an anti-bot addition. I might pull that down and apply here, might help...

-Shnar Gru

mm, my fortress page has been wiped.-

Yes this vandale situation is very annoying! Did anyone see that a few weeks a go I had to revert over 40 pages to previous ones!!!! 40!!!

The Terrain Dude
Yes, I saw it, thanks for the reversions. They're rarely on that scale of attack, but I blocked his IP. If something like that really keeps up, I suppose I'll have to create some kind of user account stuff. I don't want to, since I just don't have the time to spend coding on LotrWiki?...

-Shnar Gru
It does seem weird how they are always promoting sites selling chemicals etc. I can't believe now that this is a real human being, certainly not a kid who would have surely got bored long before now or posted something more abusive or just silly. Must be a bot of some kind I reckon.

-Os Bad
Agreed. I saw some stuff on Open Wiki about detecting bots. If I find some time, I'll see if I can implement anti-bot code.

-Shnar Gru
Can you put this guy on the blocked list?

He vandalized my home page and put some really inappropriate stuff on it.

Bour Bon
maybe someone literaly wants this web site to disapear?. ungoliant

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