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LotR Wiki

Message Board/Best Conversions On The Web

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)


Just incase anyone stumbles upon any great LOTR conversions could you please post them onto this board!

I found this great Mumakil conversion on TLA!

-Captain Of Gondor


I'll have to add my Mounted Eomer & Eowyn converted to have sheilds here...

Neix J

Hey check this one out of King Elessar (aragorn)

What makes it even better is that it is almost scratch built!!!!!!!!!! FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ
i cant give a pic but what ive done is taken the aragorn king mounted, given him a Momt head and a lance; a captain of gondor on horse who looks gr8.

Legolasthe Golden

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Edited November 6, 2006 (diff)
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