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LotR Wiki

Message Board/Better Website Name

Edit this page (last edited May 22, 2005)

Hey all, I've been thinking about getting a new domain for our Wiki site, moving off of and onto something more unique and memorable, but can't for the life of me think of a good name. I was thinking something along the lines of or something, but most of the good names are already taken (see to see if a name is available or not). I was also considering "crossroads", but most of those are taken too.

Any suggestions?

-Shnar Gru
Hrm, is available, maybe we should just use that one? It's simple, easy to remember (I think), but it's not very descriptive or "fancy". You know, I mean it's too utilatarian, and doesn't have a Tolkien flair like "" would or something...

-Shnar Gru
Few suggestions:

-Mighty Mushroom
Hrm, I like your thinking. That's kinda what I was looking for, something descriptive, Tolkien-ish, memorable, and short enough to type that it'd be easy to do in a web browser. I don't think I like and, they hint too much towards one side, if you will (Arnor suggesting we are more affiliated with the good side of Middle Earth, Dol Guldor suggesting we are an evil site).

However, I do like, that one has great promise. It's Tolkien-ish and even suggests what the site is about, a place to view anything about GW's Lot R, as well as participate (i.e. sit in the seat)...

-Shnar Gru

I think if I'm going to have "wiki" in the website name, I'll take If anything, it means we don't have to change the logo's that you so artfully crafted. though has a nice ring to it. It somewhat suggests that this is not only Lot R related, but also Games Workshop related (since that's the name of one of their boxsets).

So, so far I like the following suggestions:

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I have to like the name? Well, it's me who puts up the cash for the site, n'est pas?

-Shnar Gru

    Lol just curiosity how much do you pay 4 the site?
    Heroes of the west is good and gives background possibilities.
    Anyone seeing Portugal-England? really balanced match
     -Mighty Mushroom

Not much. $35/year for the domain registration and $10/month for my virtual hoster. Well, $20/month if I get a new site for this (i.e. + I'm obviously going to wait for a bit, let others chime in on the topic, before deciding.

-Shnar Gru

I think we should let the site expand than move to a new domain.


I dunno cause changing the domain with loads of content takes more time ( remember the time it took with TLA)

-Mighty Mushroom
Nah, it'd be instantanous. The big difference between us and TLA is we're not changing IP addresses for a single domain. We'd create a new, second domain. I'd leave both sites running simultanously for a day or two, make sure that everything's working before we "closed" it down. All the data is stored in a single database file, so it's only a matter of FTPing the file from one site to the other. I would agree with Elvenknight009 though, wait till we have more content, but doesn't hurt to banter about the names.

One reason to do it now though is so that as people are learning about the site, they'd go to the permanent address rather than this temporary address.

-Shnar Gru

Names are tricky beasts. I agree it has to be short and memorable, easily spelled, related to Tolkien etc.

One of the problems is that the game itself doesn't have a simple tag: "Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game" doesn't lend itself to much mucking around, and we aren't really about other aspects of Tolkien.

For my view, of the names mentioned so far: theseeingseat and lotrwiki sound good. The former is more memorable, the latter more descriptive.

The only other names I have to chuck into the pot (not necessarily better ones) are therefore (Battle Games in Middle Earth being taken already):

  • TolkienBattleGames?
  • MiddleEarthBattleGames?
  • WargamesinMiddleEarth?
  • TabletopMiddleEarth?

"wiki" could be added in if desired.

Also, going back to more Tolkieny themes:

  • Amon-Hen
  • Amon-Sul
  • The-Mathom-House
  • The-Forges-of-Aule

That sort of thing...

-Os Bad
I want to avoid using dashes in the name, since that tends to confuse the user. For example, I never knew that Games Workshop's official site was, with a dash. I always went to (and still go to)

I think if I'm going to make it descriptive, or not something directly from Tolkien's works, then I'll stick with That's kind of how I address the site anyways on my threads on other forums, I call it the Lot R Wiki site. is just catchy though, very easy to remember, kind of like Maybe I should just take both

Actually, I won't be doing anything that costs money for a while. I just recently got laid off from my day job, so I'm cutting back on extra/frivilous things. Which means no more new mini's for me. That's probably just fine though, I've got so many I need to paint anyways, give me chance to get caught up on my backlog But don't worry, this site won't be touched. I've had since the late 90's and will always keep the domain. And as long as I have this domain, the Lot R Wiki will stay alive

Plus this also gives me a chance to put more effort behind my other job, the Sys Onyx company. So if you know anyone who uses XML, point them towards that website. I'll have the XML Schema editor done in a couple weeks...

-Shnar Gru
I did it, I purchase a domain. It was only $15/year and it simply forwards to this site, so I do pay any extra a month hosting-wise. The domain I chose was I still really like so I might get that one too, but is good

-Shnar Gru
Darn, Im too late! I was gunna suggest somin really cool, like


The first one is my favourite.

Neix J
I wonder why :0

Retarded Geek

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