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Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)

Now as this site is growing and the articles are getting quite good i think that some sort of ranks system would be good. Thinking about it one simular to TLA would not work as there are only about 25 members. Maybe for each article you gain a rank. I dont know which names they should be though.

1 article- ......
2 article- ......
3 article-.......

your thoughts

Fires Of Mordor
I had thought about that originally, but then wondered, what's the point? This being a Wiki site where everything is editable, there's no need for some kind of "recognition" associated to a user. First off, how would you know? Would we alter the code to figure out that your homepage is a userpage, then list a star-count or something next to it? Do we create a username/password system now, more than what's supported by the base Open Wiki code? That's a lot of tweaks to the source code for very little return.

No, there's no realy point for a star-system here, at least not yet. If we did something like TLA's campaign (which I wouldn't mind doing, still thinking about that one), then it might have some merit. Otherwise, there's no real point to it. If you want recognition, just add your contributions to your own userpage.

-Shnar Gru

I know it might take away from some of the "wikiness" of it, but I do think star rankings would be a very good idea, and here's why.

Let's face it, there really isn't a good library of articles yet. Articles are what make a site like this even better. So how do we get articles some may ask? Its simple: *Give people a REASON to submit articles!*

Here's my idea-
For every article you submit you gain a star. Those with certain ranks may edit certain pages. Thereby, giving people respect, power, and a reason to submit articles! This would also keep people from vandalizing the site.

Patrick S
Still too complex IMHO. This site truly is a site by gamers for gamers. I don't think I want to give people a reason to submit an article. If a gamer has something they want to say, they'll say it, star-system or not. And by not having a ranking system, the site's always open for anyone who wants to post more articles.

I think a ranking system would encourage and discourage at the same time. No, I'm leaving it as-is for now. If you want to post an article, go ahead. If you want to help an existing article, go ahead. If you want to read articles, go ahead. If you want to vandalize, go ahead. Do it too much though and I'll ban ya.

-Shnar Gru
Peh, you know what? Maybe we should have like a class system. You don't have to do anything, just everyone picks out a class of characters from Lotr. Like, I might be Neix J, King of Men or Neix J, Ranger of the North, etc etc, it would be fun. Perhaps some classes could only be available to people who fufill certain requirements around the site, I.e submit battle reports, articles, galleries... Maybe some time we could even have like little role-playing battles between Good and Evil. I like it the more I think about it... Neix J, Vandaliser? Not gunna happen, so don't boot me.

Neix J
Please? I would be willing to do all the work? It would be so much fun, and we'd all get on the net a lot more, having characters to play in big battles and storylines... Mmm... I like it. PLEASE???

Neix J

Look......without trying to be rude......If that is the kind of board you want then go and join another one. This format is one of the best I have seen yet. Why do some of you feel that you need to be recognized? The truth of the matter is it all about sharing your knowledge, and or gaining it. The other truth of the matter is that it is simple to see who is contributing around here anyway, just look at the recent changes page or the responses on any given page and you'll see who's "puting in".

That brings me to another point Shnar Gru, is it possible to put a date / time stamp on each of our "posts" is there code already available and I've missed it? It would be nice to know that we are not replying to a question or statement made months ago, that may no longer be relevant to the asker.

-The Precious
The only automated date's for changes are on the Revisions page for each page. This shows when a change was made. It wouldn't make sense to add a date to each change, since often times people will makes changes right in the middle of a page, say fixing a typo or adding a section, etc. Remember that our "message board" is really just more Wiki pages, so any changes we made to affect this page would be true for all pages, not something I really want to do.

The only real solution is to either A) switch to a real message board application that would be separate from the Wiki site itself, or B) encourage the users to add a datetime when they make posts...

-Shnar Gru
June 10th, 2004
Fine, don't do my Idea then . And I was planning this all the way through school. Ah well.

Neix J

I wasn't taking a shot at you Neix J, more so the need for ranking system per say. I just feel that these ranking / reward systems are not all their cracked up to be, all they seem to do is encourage useless "spam like" one word replies and statments, for people to build on their notoriety. This format is great, more like a collection of articles and valuable info than a chat room, (as some forums tend to be). As I said earlier, the truth of the matter is the other users around here are going to know whos doing what, and will appreciate their contributions however big or small. But, then again thats just my opinion.

Shnar Gru, Thanks, I just thought you may have had some code that would allow us just to type a single word (i.e. time) and have it automatically "script". I understand your point, and to be honest I can't see that I'll be adding the extra info myself to often, it was just a fleeting thought. I like this concept and setup the way it is.....Only problem now is from time to time I find myself double clicking on non wiki site pages to alter or reply....Doh..

-The Precious
Ah, sure your not taking a shot at me . Nah. So'k, Probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. People soay the its better to have loved and lost rather than to have not loved.... Those people are idiots who try to make other idiots fell better.

Neix J

Probably coming at this months after the discussion, but I for one don't see the TLA "ranks" issue as necessarily a good thing. As a moderator of the site, I can say that a very large percentage of problems we get surrounds the ranks system and its fairness (or otherwise). I am 100% behind Shnar Gru in his decision to keep this site unique and working in the way that it does.

Os Bad 20th December 2004
I would like a ranks system, but I think it is sensible to not create one, considering the work Shnar Gru would have to do. Maybe if we decide to implement the password system, it is a possible, but until then, I don't think it should happen.

Legolasthe Golden

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