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Edit this page (last edited June 6, 2006)

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-The Precious
Do you know much about cars, (or automobiles, I dunno!) then, or are you just interested in the remote control versions? Cos I'd love to chat about cars, and racing - MOTO GP(bikes) - WRC(rallying) - F1 - TOCA(British touring cars) -UGLUK1000


As far as cars, yep a huge fan of any form of motor racing. My first job was working in a car workshop (garage I think you call 'em) working in front end and suspension, I changed positions in the company when I got my coach / bus license at 19. I then drove trucks and school buses. Then when I turned around 21, I started doing long distance express work for the same company (we did about 1300km per day, between two drivers). Anyway that's a little off topic, but this was were my love for motors and motor sport began.

I love Rally WRC and my favourite International driver is Marcus Gronholm, and luckily I'm also a Peugeot fan as well (also love Subaru). We have a good group N class over here as well. My favourite driver is Simon Evans (and wife Sue Evans his CO-driver); he was a privateer driving his own Subaru, but now drives for the Toyota factory team.

I also love touring cars, however we breed 'em a lot bigger over here than those little 2 litre s**t boxes your lot drive around in. Several of your lot come over for the big one (Bathurst) each year, and a few for the other enduros during the season, maybe even a few contesting the whole series now.

I also love F1, and I have always loved Ferrari and my favourite driver is Rubens Barachello.

Yes I also love GP bikes; we have (Australia) our fair share of talent here too. I'm following pretty closely the rise of a new star in Casey Stoner , even if he isn't riding the big bikes, it is only a matter of time till he gets a ride with a great team in the 500's. He grabbed a great second in last night GP as a matter of fact, a real thriller down to the line, as it almost always is in 125's. -The Precious


Cars, or do you call them something else?

I don't know how up-to-date you are on races, but I'll be mentioning quite a lot that I saw on Sunday.

You are right, garages they are over here. I've never heard of the phrase Car workshop, sure will tell my friends. In WRC, I back Petter Solberg, Only cos I love the car and team, not him. For determination Gronholm should win, first his car kept on falling to bits, (wait, it still does) then his was shoved down the table recently because of the plastic water pump, weird. But still, Petter has 30 secs taken off just because he forgot his mud flaps, just after Cyprus, forgoton the rally name, something like metropolis. The one where the mitsubishi pulled over because his suspension was busted, and a focus flew round the corner and smashed into poor him, idiot. Have you ever watched a rally or race of any sort?

In F1 I prefer English driver David Coultard, and Mcclaren, basically because when I started watch F1, which was a few months ago, ferrari were well in the lead, so I thought it too much of an easy choice to pick Ferrrai. Sadly Mclaren are going bad to worse, yet the new Mclaren SL-R road car they have made is superb. Barachello msut be feeling quite shadowed at the moment!

In MotoGp? 500cc I support drivers instead of teams because it's all about skill not so-mush speed. I love Valentino Rossi and Max biaggi. Neil Hodgeson is an experianced but still up and coming 500cc rider, after being promoted from the S3K superbikes championship (1000cc)

2.0 litre s**t boxes! Don't you think thats a bit unfair? Lower BHP means better competition between mechanics and between drivers, just like 125cc. What are Australian touring cars like then, what is a touring car classed as, and what cars are popular in UK.

I can't watch 125cc races eg, because I don't have cable or digital tele.

English car makers.

Firstly, I hate how all the supergiants have taken out all of Englnd car makers, e.g Vauxhall, you probably won't have heard of, but that's what it was called before it was bought by General Motors and called OPEL, though they are still called Vauxhalls in our country. Jaguar, you may know from F1, was bought out. So was Lotus, (you may not have heard of them, they have only just started shipping to US) But Astin Martin, the maker of the most beautiful supercars to date is still british, and so is TVR, (another sports car maker)


Do you know much about Eurpoean cars, I only know of one Australian one-ish, the Opel Holzen,

Do you know BMW, AUDI, FIAT, Peugeot - of course - Renault?

PLease write back, and also ask questions, I will always write back within a day, remember there is a half a day difference between our two great nations, and by the way, I still need tips on Foilage, the green tress you saw in the photo weren't made, I bought them. Same again, put the answers on my page.

UGLUK1000 - One Uruk glad to have all that off his chest!


Just how backward do you think we are in Australia?

Um.....yeah......we call them cars.

The term car workshop may have been misleading. Some Aussie still say garage, but most just say it's at the shop, or with the mechanics or in the service station (but service stations is normally the term for our petrol outlets). Some may say I'm taking it to a workshop but it's a little uncommon unless you're in the trade.....Confused yet.

And as far as motor racing, one of our commercial TV channels has heaps. It also produces a "round up" show on Sunday afternoons called RPM, with all the motor sport from around the world.

We also get to see the full telecasts from -


GP bikes - 125, 250 and 500

Highlights from

IRL & Cart, from the states

NASCAR - only sometimes

WRC - we get a full separate show on this once a week.

British tourers - very limited though

A majority of Aussies really love their motor sport.

And as far as your comments on competitive cars. Last week the top 20 runners in our V8 touring class were all within 1/100 of a sec for qualification.

As far as European cars, we get plenty of your stuff down here, only most of it gets re-badged and called something else.

We even get some straight imports like the Mondeo and some of the French stuff.

Vauxhall is very close to an equivalent of GM Holden down here, for example we have the Holden Astra.

-The Precious


How about you make rules for cars to play with in the LOTR Strategy Battle Game? A car supplement!

Lasta Greyshield.


I Love F-1 and i hope that M. Schumacher wins this year but Alonso always finishes in front of Schumi. I hate Alonso

Boromir Captain of the White Tower [China Generator Manufacturer] [China Neon Sign Manufacturer]

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