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Message Board/Do We Need AProjects Page

Edit this page (last edited February 26, 2004)

Hey, I was wondering if we need a sort of "projects" page, something that would list out all the current unfinished projects or uncomplete articles and then the users could 'sign-up' to take on that task. Take a look at the Tolkien Wiki's project page for an example of what I mean at

-Shnar Gru
That's a great idea Go for it.

Well, I've implemented a new <Symbol> macro, that has the following behavior:

Some planned project. code: <Symbol(Planned)>
A project that's begun. code: <Symbol(Begun)>
Completely done. code: <Symbol(Finished)>

How's this look?

I'll think about where to put a projects page in a bit. Maybe under a Community page, where we can have Community/FAQ and Community/Newbie pages.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited February 26, 2004 (diff)
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