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Message Board/Do We Need Rules

Edit this page (last edited June 6, 2006)

Seeing some of the recent creations, do we need "rules" for our Wiki site? Rules like what kinds of articles to create, how detailed, the publishing of copyrighted materials (which is fine in a lot of circumstances do the fair use laws), etc.?

-Shnar Gru

Rules hardly.... imho this would look like a prison or something but something more specific about articles would be great. Perhaps a tread where we would ask for a determinate article or aid on an upcoming one
 -Mighty Mushroom

Well, I don't mean rules as in hard-fast-never-break sorta stuff, but rather just guidelines on what's acceptable to create here. Otherwise, you may inadvertantly create some pages that others in the community frown upon. Such as a plagarizing a copyrighted article, as we've seen with Miniatures/Painting/How To Paint Urukhai.

Maybe rather than Rules a FAQ for the community (as opposed to a FAQ for gaming).

-Shnar Gru

"Rules" is probably too strong a word as things seem to be going nicely. In anycase, as we found on TLA the people you most want to read a FAQ are usually the least likely to do so! Mind you it might be nice to have some sort of welcome page guidelines? Basically - "no swearing", "please introduce yourself on a user preferences page", etc. - general stuff so that people of good will know how to get on with established members may work.

Sometimes Guidelines can be an encouragement to those who would like to contribute but are a bit scared of embarassing themselves. If you know the groundrules before you get involved then the fear of embarassment is lessened.

Nothing other than extreme banning measures will ever deter the idiot though I'm afraid. The gentle coercion of a Wiki community could help educate the simply ignorant (and I include myself here!) though.

-Os Bad
Good point, I can recall many-a-post of silly questions immediately followed by "read the FAQ". I've been working on some Community pages, like a Community/FAQ and the Community/Newbie and will soon add them to the sidebar (which is hardcoded, btw, except for the topmost links, which are your "favorites" as set in the User Preferences). What other pages should we have listed there?

-Shnar Gru

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Edited June 6, 2006 (diff)
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