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Edit this page (last edited March 28, 2004)

I really don't know why I'm not on the All Users page. If I have to do something that I have not, can someone point it out?

help please

-Fires Of Mordor
Yes, the "all users" page is really just the Category Users page. To have yourself included in this list, all you have to do is include the word "CategoryUsers" somewhere on your user page. The Category Users page just calls a search function and looks for every page that has that word in it (if you notice, this page will now appear in it since I used the word to explain how it works).

If you had used the New User Template, it would have already been included. I try to add it whenever I see new users join up and not use the template, but I'm not 100% perfect and sometimes forget. I have since added that word to your page and you will now appear on the Category Users page.

-Shnar Gru

P.S. Take your time when writing things out and try to use proper spelling and punctuation

Thanks a bundle

Fires Of Mordor

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Edited March 28, 2004 (diff)
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