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Message Board/Help Below The White Mountains

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)

<u style="display: none;">... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... no changes ... </u>Hi everybody its The Terrain Dude, im putting together a supplement based upon the southern fiefdoms of Gondor

- 'Below The White mountains' (The southern fiefdoms of Gondor and harondor)

and need any information any one has regarding this, preferabbly the answers to these questions.

1- Are there any warriors to do with the River Erui, mentioned in the books?

2- are there any cities near the River Stirith?

3- Does anyone think this sounds good?

I will include rules for ships, lots of new warriors and a new harad hero. Plus more rangers of gondor (okay just a few) !
Please help

The Terrain Dude
This Sounds Like It's Going to Be KOOL!

-Captain Of Gondor
Sounds like fun - Ill help if I can... But so far, a cant really.

Neix J
1.not so far as i know 2.not so far as i know (very far...) 3.gr8

Legolasthe Golden

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Edited November 6, 2006 (diff)
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