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Message Board/Hilarious Japanse Subtitles For The Lotr Dvds

Edit this page (last edited June 6, 2006)

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Hilarious Subtitles

Hey everyone. While browsing the net today I found these hilarious links to some of Japan's subtitles for the Lot R TTT and Fot R. The Link to the Fot R is and the link to TTT is Have fun laughing your a** off!

-Captain Of Gondor


Great find! Made me laugh! Hopefully there is more like these!

The Terrain Dude
When I was in Japan my homestay had the Lot R trilogy and i watched one and was sitting there happily listening while they had their eyes GLUED to the TV because they were reading lol. And then I looked at them and I nearly burst out laughing but that would be rude lol.

-King Of Gondor

What a crack up lol!

-Lord Aragorn Elessar671

The Fot R one was pornograpghic. But the TTT one...HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! lol
Lasta Greyshield

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