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Message Board/How Do IMake Links

Edit this page (last edited November 14, 2006)

How Do I make Links

I have been wiki for almost a month now and have put up a few articles and now while sorting out my user page i tried to add links to some of my work, but found i didnt know how. I tried to use the help page but to me it made no sense. Please could somebody tell me, in detail how, i put links from one wiki page to another.


-The Terrain Dude

Please leave your help below.

The help is a bit sketchy, it's the one that came out-of-the-box from Open Wiki and you sorta need to know what you're looking at for it to be helpful. The best topics for linking have to be Wiki Name, that covers most. HelpOnLinks? is a good one for reference, once you've grasped the basics.

For most wiki pages, all you need to do is put the Wiki Name in your page and it will automatically be linked. For example, if you type in ShnarGru, you'll get a link to my userpage like this: Shnar Gru . And if you're trying to link to a "subpage", just include the whole page name, which is the top page, a slash, and the subpage (or repeat for as many levels deep as you need to go). For example, if you type in ShnarGru/MiniatureGallery in a page, you'll get this link: Shnar Gru/Miniature Gallery

The only time this becomes a problem is when the name doesn't have more than one capital letter, like Terrain. If you just type in Terrain, there's no link. You have to wrap it with double brackets, like this [[Terrain]]. Once you do that, you'll get the link like this Terrain. Now, this is true for child pages as well. If any name does not have more than one capital letter, you need to wrap with the double brackets. For example, to get to Terrain/Natural?, you need to type [[Terrain/Natural]] and then you'll get a link to Terrain/Natural.

There are other ways to link, for example if you want the link to be an image, or if you want the link to be a different name than what's shown, but those are the basics.


-Shnar Gru

Miniatures/Collecting/LegolastheGolden's500ptHighElfArmy? ~Miniatures/Collecting/LegolastheGolden?'sHighElfArmy?

How come i cant get the link to this page to work. I'm ok with my other articles, bu this one doesnt work.

Legolasthe Golden
You cannot have spaces nor apostrophes in your page names. I altered the page on Miniatures/Collecting to be just one word. If you click on the question mark, it will create the new page for you.

Miniatures/Collecting/Legolasthe Goldens500pt High Elf Army

-Shnar Gru

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Edited November 14, 2006 (diff)
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