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Message Board/IDont Get This Page

Edit this page (last edited November 6, 2006)

I don't get @#!$ of this page! if it's editable can i just edit the start page and write an X instead of all other things?
That is absolutely correct! Any and every page is editable by anyone. It encourages our users to be active members of our community. If you want to "submit" an article, you simply just create it, and viola, it's instantly there! No submission process, no time delays, it's instantly created. Typically you create it as a subpage, just edit the masterpage and add a Wiki Name. Also, if you see an existing article that needs a little help, just dlb-click and edit the page.

Wiki is a living, breathing website, constantly changing and evolving. Because it's so easy to edit, it encourages our visitors to become active, contributing members. Think of it as an Open Source Website, every user has access to everything, it's truly owned by the community.

Having said that, it is wide open for immature people to edit anything and try to destroy it. This doesn't happen often. Think about it, most people who come here are Lot R players and they want to find other players, see what terrain they've built, conversions they've done, etc. Why would they want to destroy this information? It's useful for them. And then to be able to contribute is just an added bonus, the icing on the cake so to speak. Now, not only can they learn about stuff, they can throw their own stuff up.

We've started a couple messages already along these lines:

Check those out and we can have a healthy discussion of whether or not this website is for you

-Shnar Gru

Umm, this is a great site, (I'm new) but your pollicy isn't too good. There are truley evil people out there that would take enjoyment out of destroying your hard work. I just think you should be more secure.

Patrick S
Nope, the policy stands. That's what being a Wiki website is all about, every page is editable. Since we have a history, if someone "vandalizes" a page it's incredibly easy to revert back to a non-vandalized version. And there's huge advantages to being open like this. For example, you've already edited two pages without having to go through any lengthy registration/approval process.

Think about it. Almost everyone who comes to this site is going to be an Lot R gamer. The info they find here will help their game. When they find out that you can edit any page, they will either A) not care, B) contribute or C) vandalize. Most just don't care, and some very bright ones contribute. I mean, why would an Lot R gamer want to destroy a site about playing Lot R? It's what we all do! Play the game. And most of us love finding others who play too.

Occassionally we get a vandale, and it's always someone just trying to "prove-a-point" about Wiki websites being stoopid. The usual "this webpage sucks because look, I can change your page". Now, if they had something constructive to say and want a discussion, I welcome that, but to be so immature is just puzzling. At any rate, they destroy a couple pages, get bored, and leave. With the click of a couple buttons, we clean up the mess and continue on our merry way.

So, if it costs us the few vandales to have the power of an ever evolving community, bring it!

-Shnar Gru
Oh, okay. By the way, could you tell me how to get my name/profile page onto the User Page. I'd like to get some imput on this Minas Tirith wall I'm building. Actually, its just a test wall now, made of polystyrene and foam card, but this was just to see what didn't work. Foam card for the battlements DIDN'T work. Next, I plan on making a hugh section of the Outer Wall of WOOD and of the gate based on the EA Game.

Patrick S
The Users page is really the Category Users which is a wiki way to group a bunch of pages. As long as you put Category Users on the page anywhere, it will appear in the list of users. However, taking a look at your userpage, it appears that you've merged both a userpage and your miniature and/or terrain gallery. Typically, we put those in their own subpages. When you do that, and as long as it's named correctly (i.e. MiniatureGallery or TerrainGallery?) then it will automatically appear in the Miniatures/Gallery and Terrain/Gallery respectively.

Take a look at the code behind my userpage to figure it all out.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited November 6, 2006 (diff)
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