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Message Board/Is Sauron Restricted In Tournaments

Edit this page (last edited January 25, 2006)

Is Sauron restricted to use in tournaments?
AFAIK, there are no such restrictions. But, from what I hear, he's a very expensive model that's just not worth it so no one brings him...

-Shnar Gru

No way Souron rules. Unless an army is specifically designed against him then he'll win. Of course there are certain scenario's he can't function in due to the fact that he's just one moddle.

Wise Wanderer

I agree, using Sauron in any game where you can have 500 pts he's almost unbeatable if you equip him with the one ring. However just as Wise Wanderer said your limited to the fact that you'll only have one model.

If you look at Tourny rules in the back of Rot K, there is no actual limit to the points in an army, just you have to split 1000 pts between a good and evil army. Thus in theory, you could have a 750pt evil army and a 250pt good army, allowing your Sauron model to have a bunch of Goblins to go with him. BUT that would of course make your good army an easy kill...

-Shnar Gru

Or you could make your evil army 575 points using goblins since you'll get plenty then make your good army ent based. since ents are the most nigh infalable unit at the good players disposal.

Wise Wanderer
I usually play 500 point games having Sauron with 20 moria goblins. Usually the goblins tie up their heroes and I sit there casting magic with Sauron.

Ranger of the North
Sauron rules! defence of 10 strength of 8 and cool magic powers 5 wounds if u bi the ring 4 100 points u only lose a wound every time u roll 1 on fate i bought him 2 days ago and have painted him and won 5 battles with my friend mic already

Sauron the Deceiver
i then let him have sauron and i had a high elf force with gil galad and elrond as my captains
I hate to burst your bubble Sauron the Deceiver, but Sauron's The One Ring ability only works for his last wound left.

Neix J
Sauron the Deceiver, I actually wrote that 4 posts up before I got my name working....dont know why you put yur name there.


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Edited January 25, 2006 (diff)
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