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LotR Wiki

Message Board/Lotr Wiki Dying

Edit this page (last edited September 11, 2016)

Lotr Wiki Dying?

I'm not sure about you but I think Lotr Wiki is kinda falling apart. We don't have as much users active as it use to be, hardly anyone posts any articles, it's just so sad to see once a great community now scattered and dissapered without notice. We really need to pull something big to get fans to notice it again!

Go for it. The best thing about a wiki website is that there really is no one "ruler" of the site. You wanna try something, do it. You wanna promote it more, go for it. You wanna add different pages, by all means. I'm more of a referee than an owner here...

-Shnar Gru

Well, I can Honestly say, this site has been beneficial in my work as a sculptor too believe it or not, and i'll try to get my fellow sculptors and gamers in me gaming community to further check this awesome sight out!

"A site ain't dead till you lose funding"

-Captain Of Gondor

For me its a time thing. Spare time is just somthing I haven't got much of.

-The Precious

Forums of all kinds go through slow periods when there aren't many posts made. I'd add more to my articles but no one seems to care. Probably has to do with school. Mid terms are coming up. Winter vacation should show a spike.

Wise Wanderer

promote the site. put a link at the bottom of any tla articles or any posts on other sites

-Baruk Khazad
Yeah, everyone have your TLA sigs and every forum sigs as this:
Lot R Wiki
Truly the only Lot R SBG site fun entirely by fans.

But many of you don't know this, but people still come over and look on here once or twice a week, and they still look at our articles, so if we can get those guys to join, it might become bigger.

I really hope that it doesn't 'die' because it is really a great site, we just need more users...

-King Of Gondor
The only way the LotRWiki? will die is if I stop paying my bills for

The great thing about a wiki site is as long as the site actually exists, it will grow. Sure, there will be the occassional lull in activity, but the site is still editable by anyone, so any new people who come by may be inspired to create articles, etc. And this may in turn inspire some of us to become a bit more active again.

As has been mentioned, a lot of us have RL keeping us from being active, but that won't last forever. For example, I'm working hard on a contract, got my own business I'm trying to promote, remodelling part of my house, and finishing my basement, etc. However, once some of that is done, I'll definately be able to spend more time on Lot R (and intend to).

But if it's more activity you want, what we really need to do is promote the articles that are unique to this site:
  • Detailed BGi ME List and Reveiws
  • White Dwarf Compilation list
  • All those Banners images
  • etc.

And the best place to do this promotion will be on the Games Workshop forums. The Last Alliance is OK, but I have a feeling that a lot of the "regulars" there probably already know about us, since most of us are pretty much actively promoting the site there anyways. The Games Workshop forum will have a lot of people who don't even know about The Last Alliance, let alone us. And the best way to promote is to NOT start a thread, but rather watch the existing threads and if anyone posts a question that an article on our site can answer, then post there. For example, back in April a lot of people were asking about where to get Banner images, so I would reply a lot to come to the Banner article here. Also, any time someone asked a BGi ME question, I would always reply suggesting they check out our comprehensive list.

Anyways, don't fret, this site will *never* go away (unless I die or something). We're just in a minor lull...

-Shnar Gru
Yes, gr8 idea about the GW forums. I am helping with the lotr-collector BGi ME catalogue, and someone just popped up and put a link to out BGi ME page lol.

But I will definately be posting on the GW forums if anyone wants to see my Mahud article I've actually had quite a few nice comments from people who i didnt even know visited the site.

I might also tell people about that fantastic article by Ojno The Red, about flock, thats a great one.

-King Of Gondor
I will also help advertising. We need to let people know about it. - Faramir

Sorry, but I find this topic rather amusing now. I used to find it annoying, but it creeps up with such regularity around anything online to do with LOTR SBG it seems, that now I just wait for it to pop up from time to time and laugh gently. The Last Alliance has been "dying" for nearly 2 years now, and there have been prophets of doom nay-saying the vigor of the entire game on the Games Workshop forum since about a week after the game was released! Yet here we are, still plugging away!

As Shnar says, there are peaks and troughs in this as in all things to do with human beings. It doesn't mean it is dead! The active online LOTR SBG community is probably only a few hundred members strong (despite the thousands of "members" listed in the Membership count on TLA). Most pick only 1 or 2 sites to be active within, because ot the commitment required in time and imagination. Elven Jess., TLA, The Palantir etc., etc., all contribute something unique and attractive to different people. LOTRWIKI stands proud amongst them.

Imaginations run dry, folks get busy, interests change, new folk come along etc., etc., This site is a well-loved resource visited by many, and long may it stay so! The format is unique, and to be frank, because it is relatively low maintenance as far as fansites go, I see it if anything as even more robust than other, more "well-known", sites.

Obviously recruitment is positive, and as Shnar says, the best way to do this is at RELEVANT points in Games Workshop forum discussion threads point out the useful resources available here. TLA had a policy of doing just that in the first few months of its existence. I commend the idea to the house! Note that pointles spamming of the board is annoying and will likely result in the opposite affect to that intended though - i.e. don't just go on there and plug the site out of the blue apropos of nothing! If you read a relevant discussion, point out where the information requested can be found on this site and let the internet do its magic. I have frequently pointed out BGi ME and White Dwarf resources here myself.

Good luck! And chin up!

- Os Bad

All too true. In fact, as you noted, probably the best thing about this site is that since it is a Wiki website, the content grows and flurrishes without my technical involvement. Other sites, particularly like The Last Alliance, require quite a bit of programming to keep it running, and thus quite a bit of dedication from the website owners. This one, the only "coding" I ever do anymore is to ban some IPs. The rest is all maintained by the wiki-code. Because of that fact, you never have to worry about the website-owner abandonning the site. As long as the site actually exists, it will continue to grow

-Shnar Gru

Shnar Gru & Os Bad, I heartily concur. All communities are going to go up and down - we all have other commitments - whether it be school, work, children and other hobbies. As I'm typing this, I'm finding it hard to put my thoughts together because my 3 year old wants to sit on my lap and watch me type, and then demands to see the Teletubbies website. I'm planning on posting quite a bit of stuff, but my camera is in for repairs at the moment and won't be available before Christmas. But in January I'm planning on posting lots of pictures and reviews, and I've got some ideas for making "static grass" that I'm going to put together. Hang in there, guys, I like reading and posting on this forum.

-Ojno The Red

"All too true. In fact, as you noted, probably the best thing about this site is that since it is a Wiki website, the content grows and flurrishes without my technical involvement."

~~ Shnar Gru

What? That almost sounds like your callling yourself lazy! XD

Neix J
I'm a programmer, that means lazy

-Shnar Gru

As an accountant, I prefer to call it "efficient"!

Os Bad
I have not contibuted recently as much as I would like, I have two articles I have been trying to upload to TLA; I can log on but whenever a new page loads I am logged out, but in the users online box I am still signed in. However I suppose the plus side to this is I can post my articles here first. I will do this as soon as I can but I am in Spain in a few days so it may have to wait for a few weeks.

The Terrain Dude

p.s. anybody got any advice on my TLA problem, Shnar Gru seems good with computers, he did create this and Osbad is a ranger of TLA so can you guys give me any advice? Thanks in advance
Um, assuming you're using IE, double check your security settings and make sure it's saving cookies. Otherwise, don't have a clue...

-Shnar Gru
Yes I'm using Inyernet Explorer, as far as I can tell it is saving cookies, but there is something wrong with the cookies, the website says I am logged on in the user online box but my internet browser says I am not, I read somewhere this was related to cookies so I guess I shall just have to play around with my security settings. Thanks anyway.

The Terrain Dude

I still come here occasinaly. look at afew pages then leave. Its cos I have found so many other sites that i come les and less now. Just so busy.

- Eomer
even if im new i can say 4 sure ill stay til the end...i prefer this site than GW i mean they r 2 slow 2 produce new things .......any way u have my suport ok? ungoliant
What I really want is a definitive list of people who regularly come onto the site and make changes. Then we can see how far it's fallen.

Legolasthe Golden
That's tricky to supply, since there really aren't any "user accounts" persay, rather there is just names associated with page edits. I suppose I could create a page that shows a sum of changes by name, but even then it wouldn't be accurate since the page history clears itself out from time to time. I guess though it would show you who's been most active recently...

-Shnar Gru

It's not dead!! Ten years + on. Wow!! Thanks for reviving this Shnar

-The Precious

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