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Message Board/Miniature Faults

Edit this page (last edited February 1, 2006)

Hey, I wanted to get a few peoples thoughts and opinions on the different models and their flaws, and what you guys did to correct them.
I don't know if this is a popular one but, Faramir's horse is plastic and he is medal so his horse's leg kept breaking. So if you ever get a Faramir remember the most important and useful saying, "You shall glue the horse to the base before you glue the body to the horse"-eh hem. Another flaw about most (if not all) of the models is... their price.

-Ranger of the North

I'm thinking of replacing the orc head ugluk is holding with a shield, and tacking the orcs head on another orc.
Lasta Greyshield
MALE oxxx(::::::::::::::>

Don't you hate it when mold lines are placed on highly textured areas (eg. Haradrim arms)?
Lasta Greyshield
MALE oxxx(::::::::::::::>

I wish they would make seperate wings for the fell beast and the balrog, I had to go to work with the file to make the fell beasts smooth back blend into the balrogs cracked wings.

-Shield Maiden
Are you serious? I was thinking about getting one but now I definately won't.

-Ranger of the North
hi dudes i converted my ugluk with a minas tirith guys head instead of that manky orc...ungoliant

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Edited February 1, 2006 (diff)
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