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Message Board/New Feature Rename Page

Edit this page (last edited March 12, 2004)

I've implemented a new feature I found on the Open Wiki pages called RenamePage?. On the bottom of every page now is a new link called "Rename This Page". This will bring you to a page that very simply has an editbox to enter in a new page. This will, well, rename the page. Previously, to "rename" a page you had to copy the contents of the old page, create a new page, enter the contents, then set the old page to #DEPRECATED. Now, just use this function.

It's very useful for when you create a page as a top-level page and meant to create it as a child of another page.

-Shnar Gru
I found a disturbing bug with the RenamePage? feature. It doesn't put an entry in the RecentlyChanged? list! This means a vandale can arbitrarily change the name of a page and it may be a while before it's ever noticed. This just happened with my Shnar Gru/Miniature Gallery page, it was just gone, and I found it in the Title Index listing under some wierd name (evil2twrs or something).

I'll work on this problem this week (not sure how I'm going to get it to work though...)

-Shnar Gru
I fixed the "bug", well an unimplemented feature. Previously, you would never know if someone changed the name of a page. Now, whenever someone changes the name of a page, a new entry is created in the DB with the comments of:

Page Renamed from 'OldName' to 'NewName'

Now we can tell if a vandale is just randomly renaming pages.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited March 12, 2004 (diff)
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