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Message Board/New Forum

Edit this page (last edited February 21, 2004)

The wiki message boards aren't that great and I'd think with a forum we could generate more activity on the site. What do you think?


Normally, I'd agree with you (check out my comments at the top of the Message Board page as well as on MessageBoard/OriginalMessageBoard?) however I'm starting to change my mind. The interesting thing about a wiki site is that the whole site is like one giant message board. I've noticed that most of the messages you'd see on a forum are typically appended to the bottom of an article in the Comments section. And with a little discipline and keeping message topics on "threads" (i.e. one topic in each subpage), I think so far it's working. We may want to do a little "cleanup", move inactive threads to an archive subpage, but that's for later.

I also don't think that more activity would come from a message forum for a couple reasons:
  • There are WAY too many forums out there already that most people visit (Games Workshop's, The Last Alliance's, the many Proboards, etc.) and having one more board isn't going.
  • Any 'questions' a user might will 90% of the time will already be in an article (such as the Gaming/Gaming FAQ) or should be in an article.
  • As such, these questions should be appended to the article itself, or perhaps a subpage of an article, drastically reducing the need for a message forum (it becomes the catch-all for the remaining 5%).
  • Lastly, if we used a standard forum, Wiki Name's would have no effect and there would be no auto-linking between the forum and our wiki site.

I think the last reason is the most compelling for sticking with the way we do Messages now, just as another Wiki page. If we every do do a more standard-like forum, I'll probably custom build it so that it will remain on the Wiki site and we can retain all the Wiki features. I'll also do some research on the Open Wiki page to see if someone else hasn't already thought of this.

-Shnar Gru

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Edited February 21, 2004 (diff)
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