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Message Board/New Supplements

Edit this page (last edited May 12, 2005)

New Supplements

Hey peeps! Don't know if your'e all aware but GW (well...GW atlanta me thinks) has announced that the next two supplements will be about the Easterlings (Shadows in the East) and Mirkwood. Here's the actual announcement for authenticity!!:

-FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ

Quote from, written by King Of Gondor

It has been announced that plastic Easterlings and 'Elves' will be released some time over the next year. This news comes from the recent Atlanta Games Day in the U.S.

The plastics will be released in two separate supplements, which are Shadows of the East (Easterlings) and another for Mirkwood, which we currently do not know the name of. It sounds as if the plastic 'Elves' are to be Wood Elves but there are also rumors that GW will be changing the various types of Elves to a more generic listing of simply "Elves." This is still a rumor as it is yet to be officially announced.

This supplement could open many possibilities including The Elven King, scenarios from the Hobbit from when Bilbo and his companians were captured, and also Spiders of Mirkwood and Dol Guldor armies.

The Easterling supplement could include many new things including Easterling Bowmen, Wainriders, and much more.

Games Workshop have announced that their methods on making plastic miniatures is vastly improving, meaning higher detailed plastic miniatures, great news for the hobby!

The Mines of Moria Starter Boxed set has been officially confirmed, meaning a Plastic Fellowship and Cave Troll are on the way as well as a new set of rules!

GW has also once again stated that Lot R SBG won't be going anywhere anytime soon, they have many supplements that they still plan to create.

-King Of Gondor

So it looks like exciting are ahead even if thngs weren't exciting enough what with the scouring of the shire only just being released. I don't know of any release dates but please if you find any more then add it here!!

-FŽanŠro TinehtelŽ


Yah, um... I wrote that so ill just change the name to me. And that is not an official announcement, its my news writing skills. And the approx release dates are as follows...

Mines of Moria (Sept. or Oct.) -- A Lot R version of the Battle for Macragge.
Hardcover Rulebook (Oct. or Nov.) -- This will be a compilation with all the rules, plus hobby ideas, etc. Approximately 240 pages.
Fellowship of the Ring (Early 2006) -- A new look at all the old stuff, and the stuff that they could not do because of licensing restrictions that are not taboo anymore.
Easterling Supplement (Mid 2006)-- Yup, just what it says. Including plastic Easterlings.
Mirkwood Supplement (Late 2006) -- Again, like it says, with plastic Wood Elves.
The Two Towers (Early 2007) -- Like the Fot R book.

-King Of Gondor

AWESOME!! Cant wait!


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Edited May 12, 2005 (diff)
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